Are Mizuno JPX 850 Irons forgiving?

The Mizuno JPX-850 irons continue Mizuno’s push to create an iron for everyone. Very big and very forgiving. A Mizuno iron for weekend golfers and hacks. Doesn’t stand out from other GI or SGI irons.

What Mizuno irons did Tiger Woods use?

Through college and leading up to his first Masters win, it is well documented that Tiger played a mixed set of Mizuno MP-29 and MP-14 irons split 2-4 (MP-29) and 5-PW (MP-14).

What are the best Mizuno irons for mid handicapper?

Best Mizuno Irons for Mid and High Handicappers

  • Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal irons (best Mizuno iron for mid and high handicappers)
  • Mizuno MP20 MMC irons (best for mid handicap hitting the sweet spot often)
  • Mizuno JPX 850 Forged irons (best budget Mizuno iron)

Which is the longest Mizuno jpx-850 forged iron?

In our testing, we found that this isn’t even the longest JPX-850 iron. While it is fairly long – long enough to be compared with most of this year’s “distance irons” – the JPX-850 Forged produced higher ball speed and more distance than the JPX-850.

What’s the difference between Mizuno MP and JPX ez?

Mizuno’s MP line is for the “better player” and the JPX EZ line is for the high-handicapper, but what about the 7-25 handicap that represents the majority of global golfers? The JPX-850 Forged and JPX-850 irons cater to the average golfer.

What’s the price of a Mizuno forged iron?

Mizuno’s new JPX 850 ($799) and JPX 850 Forged ($1,000) irons are both designed to provide a variety of performance benefits including big-time distance.

Which is the replacement for the jpx-825 pro Iron?

This is Mizuno’s replacement for the JPX-825 Pro iron, which is seen as a bridge between the JPX and MP lines. This review will take a closer look at the JPX-850 Forged and see if “Born out of Boron” really does have an effect.