The tradition of legalizing marriages has been around for centuries. Initially, it was only possible to legalize relationships in the church, and the main purpose of such marriages was to secure the future of children and confirm their legal status.

Much later came the concept of civil marriage, when the entire procedure of registration takes place in the state authorities, which record and register the family status of citizens.

Beach wedding packages in GeorgiaBoth of these concepts in the traditional sense are somewhat distant from romance and more like compulsory procedures than the sincere desire of two people to spend their entire lives together and make the day of the wedding truly special.

The situation has changed dramatically with the advent of offsite ceremonies. This is what can really make the day fantastic for you and your guests. A dream wedding anywhere you want to go. Doesn’t it feel like a fairy tale?

When you choose Georgia for your wedding registry, you get a huge variety of locations: vineyards, castles, chateaus, mountains, ancient churches and buildings, botanical gardens, at least two large modern metropolises – Tbilisi and Batumi, and, of course, beaches.

Best places to get married in Georgia

One of the best places for a wedding in Georgia is considered to be the beaches. You don’t have to go to the Maldives or other hyped locations to have the perfect beach wedding with beautiful views in Georgia, and most importantly much cheaper than the well-known resorts.

Beach wedding packages

Even a beach wedding can go differently, so the Shu Wedding agency offers several packages to its clients:

  • Wedding for two. Small wedding ceremony for a couple on one of the beaches of Batumi. Being in the city, you will not need to spend extra time and money to travel to a remote location. Even if you want to get married in 24 hours you can do it beautifully on the beach in a truly romantic atmosphere.
  • Weddings with guests. The most popular option among our clients. Several friends or family members who will share the moment with you on the shore of the lake, river, or the Black Sea, are what many couples are lacking for the sense of celebration. The location depends on your wishes.
  • Wedding and Honeymoon. Some couples come to Georgia not only to get married but also to have their honeymoon here. And our agency is happy to help them with that: make a list of travel itineraries, book hotels, rent a car, help with paperwork, and much more to help you remember your wedding and honeymoon in Georgia for a lifetime.

You can spend your wedding on the beach in Georgia: on the shore of the Black Sea in Serpi, Magnetiti beach, or the beach in Kvariati, Gonio and others. The convenient infrastructure of Batumi, the local large beach area, and a fabulous green cape are the pride of Georgia. The number of beaches in Georgia will pleasantly surprise you.

Wedding Agency «Shu Wedding» offers its clients the following services:

  • Obtaining a marriage license in Georgia.
  • Transfer.
  • Help with the choice of themes, colors, and decoration of the wedding.
  • Selection of photographer, videographer, makeup artist, decorator, confectioner, presenter, musicians, and more.
  • Selection and booking of the venue, restaurant, hotel, and others.
  • Coordination and control of all stages of preparation for the wedding.
  • Transparent monetary calculations.
  • Assistance in processing and translation of marriage certificate for legalization in your home country or country of residence.

A wedding on the beach in Georgia with the agency «Shu Wedding» is a dream that can become a reality.