What companies are part of WPP?

1. WPP

Group M Wunderman Thompson Unaligned Units
MediaCom Wunderman Thompson Health Berlin Cameron
Wavemaker Possible CMI/Compas
Essence Mirum F.biz
Xaxis Fitch

Is Omnicom part of WPP?

Omnicom Group Inc. is an American global media, marketing and corporate communications holding company, headquartered in New York City….Omnicom Group.

Type Public
Subsidiaries BBDO Worldwide DDB Worldwide DAS Group of Companies Omnicom Media Group TBWA Worldwide
Website www.omnicomgroup.com

How many agencies are in WPP?

It is considered the world’s largest advertising company, as of 2019. WPP plc owns many companies, which includes advertising, public relations, media, and market research networks such as AKQA, BCW, Essence Global, Finsbury, Grey, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Mindshare, Ogilvy, Wavemaker, Wunderman Thompson, and VMLY&R.

What does WPP company stand for?

Wire and Plastic Products
The company primarily functioned as a manufacturer of wire shopping baskets — the acronym stands for Wire and Plastic Products — but Sorrell quickly changed its direction with an acquisition of marketing communications J. Walter Thompson a couple years later.

Who is the CEO of WPP?

Mark Read (Sep 3, 2018–)

Who owns Wunderman Thompson?

WPP plc
Wunderman Thompson/Parent organizations

Wunderman Thompson is a New York-based global marketing communications agency with 200 offices in 90 markets. It is part of international advertising group WPP Group (NYSE: WPP). Wunderman Thompson was formed in 2018, when parent WPP merged agencies J. Walter Thompson and Wunderman.

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