What kind of work does ILM Singapore do?

From asset development and digital matte painting, through animation, creature and effects simulation, lighting, and compositing, ILM Singapore delivers cutting-edge work for feature film and immersive entertainment. At the studio, ILM veterans work alongside top-level talent from around the world.

How does ILM work with Industrial Light and magic?

ILM’s Singapore studio leverages the expertise and technological know-how developed over 45 years at Industrial Light & Magic. Knowledge and culture flow freely between the company’s four global studios, and ILM Singapore shares tools and workflow with the other studios allowing for seamless collaboration on all shared projects.

Which is the best field for an internship in Singapore?

Coming to Singapore to acquire international work experience is a great opportunity for any young professional. For internship programs, finance is one of the major industry fields the city-state has offered, thanks to its huge banking sector.

When did Industrial Light and magic open in Singapore?

In 2006 ILM expanded its operations beyond its San Francisco headquarters, opening its first international studio in Singapore. The Singapore studio is full-service effects and animation studio responsible for delivering complete shots and sequences on top-tier Hollywood films as well as regional projects.

Are there any ILM events on Eventbrite?

Please be aware that some of our events listed below are hosted on Eventbrite and will link you through to their website for registration. If you want to view any past webinars from ILM then you can visit the event recordings to see the archive of recorded webinars feel free to view as many as you want.

When did Industrial Light and magic open in London?

ILM opened its London studio in 2014 with Creative Director, Ben Morris, and Executive in Charge of Production, Sue Lyster, at the helm. With increasing numbers of blockbuster films shooting in the U.K., the London studio was a natural step in ILM’s global expansion.