What car uses 0W-16?

For the 2018 Honda Fit, Honda recommends a 0W16 or 0W20 API-certified oil. For the 2018 Toyota Camry with the A25A-FKS 2.5L four-cylinder engine, it recommends 0W16 oil that meets API SN Resource Conserving standards.

Why does Toyota use 0W-16?

It is an oil that is designed to increase engine efficiency and reduce engine warmup time. You may have noticed that some Toyota and Honda four-cylinder vehicles require SAE viscosity 0W16 oil. It is an oil that is designed to increase engine efficiency and reduce engine warmup time.

What is the difference between 0W-16 and 0W20?

0W-16 showed higher fuel economy than 0W-20 engine oil. It will also give you remarkable quick engine starts at cold temperatures. There are several concerns [about 0W-16 oils] due to their lower viscosity, like increased wear, increased oil consumption and lower oil pressure.

Who makes Toyota 0W-16?

The best 0W-16 motor oil available is the genuine Toyota oil (which is made by Mobil 1 to the Toyota specifications) (ref and ref).

Can I put 5w30 instead of 0w20?

No, not true. A 5W-30 full synthetic will flow fine. If you look at the owner’s manual for the same Toyota engines in many other countries, they specify 5W-30 for better engine longevity. The reason why they specify 0W-20 (and new cars are trying to go lower such as 0W-16) is for better gas mileage.

Can I use 5W-30 instead of 0W-20?

Is 0W-16 synthetic?

Yes, 0W-16 motor oil is fully synthetic. Achieving this lower viscosity requires a fully synthetic formulation, such as Pennzoil Platinum® SAE 0W-16 Full Synthetic Motor Oil with Pure Plus® Technology.

How long can 0W-16 oil last?

Mobil 1™ 0W-16 is a low viscosity, advanced full synthetic motor oil designed to help deliver outstanding engine protection and enhanced fuel economy benefits to keep your engine running like new and protect critical engine parts for up to 10,000 miles between oil changes*.

Will 5W-30 hurt a 0W20 engine?

These days every motor oil is multigrade motor oil. But among them, 0w20 and 5w30 are famous due to their top-notch performances. If you add 5w30 to your vehicle instead of 0w20, the performance of your vehicle will not affect much. Your vehicle will continue to run smoothly and providing you comfortable rides.

Will it hurt to put 5W-30 in a 0W20 engine?

Are there any cars that take 0w-16?

Cars That Take 0W-16. Currently, the 2018 Honda Fit (with the 1.5L engine) and the 2018 Toyota Camry (with the 2.5L engine option) are the only two cars that use 0W-16.

What is 0w16 oil and how is it different than 0W20?

The oils really stand out on a shelf because the last number is strange because it does not end in a five or zero. 0W16 oil has been around for almost two decades in Japan. It is an oil that is designed to increase engine efficiency and reduce engine warm-up time. In the U.S., 0W16 oils were going to be part of the ILSAC GF-6 rollout as GF-6B oil.

Is the Toyota Camry a 0w-16 car?

Now, we recommend 0W-16 for 2018 model year Toyota Camry and the Camry Hybrid that are manufactured in the U.S. NOLN: If the U.S CAFE standards don’t shake out as planned, is 0W- 16 still relevant and can it justify the dollars to bring 0W-16 to market in the U.S.?

Where can I get Toyota genuine SAE 0w-16 synthetic motor oil?

I believe Mobil provides all oil to Toyota corporation. So just go to Walmart and get 5q bottle of 0w-16w for less than half the price. All 0w-16w is full synthetic FYI.