What is an outrigger construction?

Outrigger. An extension of a rafter beyond the wall line. Usually a smaller member nailed to a larger rafter to form a cornice or roof overhang.

What does an outrigger do?

Outriggers are long poles that are fitted on both sides of a boat and are designed to hold fishing line. They allow you to reel in and release your fishing line via a system of pulleys and clips. Outrigger poles are available in many different lengths ranging from 12 to 35 feet.

What is a rigid frame structure?

In structural engineering, a rigid frame is the load-resisting skeleton constructed with straight or curved members interconnected by mostly rigid connections, which resist movements induced at the joints of members. Its members can take bending moment, shear, and axial loads.

What does an outrigger do on a canoe?

The main purpose of the attached outrigger is to provide the paddlers with more stability in the ocean. It helps to keep the balance of the hull when facing rough water or when paddling quickly. In a way it provides a safety net for those within the canoe as they can rely on the added balance when in the open water.

How is the outrigger system performed in a building?

Outrigger system performance is aff ected by outrigger locations through the height of a building, the number of levels of outriggers provided, their plan locations, the presence of belt trusses to engage adjacent perimeter columns versus stand alone mega columns, outrigger truss depths, and the primary structural materials used.

Why are outrigger trusses used in tall buildings?

Floor-to-floor height of the tall building. 1.There are no trusses in the space between the core and the building exterior. 2. There are fewer constraints on the location of exterior columns. The need to locate large exterior columns where they can be directly engaged by outrigger trusses extending from the core is eliminated.

Are there any concrete outriggers that are brittle?

However, a pure concrete outrigger system is very brittle. In Ref. [4], an innovative type of steel-concrete hybrid outrigger truss was developed in two 370-m tall mega-high-rise towers in Raffles City Chongqing, in which the steel truss is embedded into the reinforced concrete outrigger wall as shown in Fig. 3.4.

Which is stiffer concrete or steel outriggers?

The steel outrigger is not as stiff as concrete outrigger. However, a pure concrete outrigger system is very brittle.