What are 5 interesting facts about the Sun?

Facts about the Sun

  • The Sun accounts for 99.86% of the mass in the solar system.
  • Over one million Earth’s could fit inside the Sun.
  • One day the Sun will consume the Earth.
  • The energy created by the Sun’s core is nuclear fusion.
  • The Sun is almost a perfect sphere.
  • The Sun is travelling at 220 km per second.

What is 1 fact about the Sun?

It is the most important source of energy for life on Earth. The Sun has a diameter of around 1.39 million kilometers / 864,000 miles. This is 109 times greater than the diameter of our planet. The Sun’s mass consists of 73% hydrogen, 25% helium, and smaller amounts of oxygen, carbon, neon, iron, and other elements.

What are 2 fun facts about the Sun?

Here are more fun facts about the sun, provided by the NASA Science Space Place:

  • The sun is a star.
  • The sun is the closest star to our planet, which is why we see the sun so big and bright.
  • The Earth orbits around the sun.
  • The sun is way bigger than the Earth.
  • It’s hot!!
  • The sun is 93 million miles away from the Earth.

How big is the Sun facts?

The Sun contains 99% of the mass in our solar system, and it is 865,000 miles (1,392,000 kilometers) wide — about 110 times wider than the Earth’s diameter. It is huge! About one million Earths could fit inside the Sun. If the Sun were the size of a typical front door, the Earth would be the size of a nickel.

What did Romans call the Sun?

During their empiric reign, the Romans continued to worship several sun gods, but they replaced the Greek word for sun, Helios, with the Latin Sol, a root word that continues to refer to the sun in the present day, such as in the term “solar system.” The most powerful sun god in ancient Rome was Sol Invictus, meaning “ …

What’s the most powerful sun?

Too much ultraviolet radiation (UV) from sunlight is dangerous. Nearly half of UV radiation is received between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun’s rays are the strongest. Even on a cloudy day, you can be sunburned by UV radiation.

Can sun power the world?

In a single hour, the amount of power from the sun that strikes the Earth is more than the entire world consumes in an year. To put that in numbers, from the US Department of Energy: Each hour 430 quintillion Joules of energy from the sun hits the Earth.

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