Can you visit Sellafield?

Here also is the Sellafield Reprocessing Plant – a site that converts the spent fuel from nuclear reactors worldwide into re-useable uranium, plutonium, and highly radioactive fission products that will have to be safely stored for thousands of years. The former Sellafield Visitors’ Centre is no longer open.

Is Sellafield beach safe?

The Environment Agency has reported that radioactive objects found on the beaches around Sellafield posed a “very low” risk to health. “There is good confidence that the sites represent a low risk and that people can safely use them for leisure activities,” she adds.

Is Sellafield still active?

Activities at the Sellafield site are primarily decommissioning of historic plants, and reprocessing of spent fuel from UK and international nuclear reactors, which will completely cease when the Magnox fuel reprocessing plant closes in 2021. The site is due to be fully decommissioned by 2120 at a cost of £121bn.

Where does the UK’s nuclear waste go?

Management of Low Level Waste. Most Low Level Waste (LLW) from across the UK has been disposed at the Low Level Waste Repository (LLWR) in Cumbria since 1959. Waste was initially placed into landfill-style trenches but is now grouted in metal containers before being stacked in concrete lined, highly engineered vaults.

Why is the Sellafield site important to the UK?

The safe and secure stewardship of the Sellafield site is our priority. It covers everything from the safety of our employees and care for the environment through to the management of nuclear materials. It underpins every decision we make.

How did Sellafield contribute to the UK nuclear industry?

Sellafield has led the development of the UK’s nuclear industry, from the production of plutonium for the country’s nuclear deterrent programme through to the development of nuclear power generation.

When is the new date for Sellafield Ltd?

Come and find out about Sellafi… RT @SellafieldLtd: Employee update – Monday 14 June 2021. Following the Prime Minister’s announcement this evening, please see our latest…

Who is the legal entity responsible for Sellafield?

Licensed under the Nuclear Installations Act 1965 and holder of the licence for the Sellafield nuclear site, we are the legal entity responsible for Sellafield, which is owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. We are responsible for ensuring that our activities are carried out: