What is the maximum height of a wardrobe?

The maximum height of the wardrobe can be no more than 2,780 mm, since a regular chipboard sheet has such a size.. If you want the product to be from 3 to 3.5 m, then you have to do mezzanine. The optimal choice for an average apartment is a cabinet with a height of 2400 mm.

What height do PAX wardrobes come in?

Its design incorporates 2 glass shelves and 4 pull-out trays. The IKEA PAX Wardrobe (39”) has an overall width of 39.375” (100 cm), depth of 13.75” (34.9 cm), and comes in two heights of 79.25”-93.125” (201.3-236.5 cm).

What sizes do PAX wardrobes come in?

You can choose between widths of 39.4″, 29.5″, or 19.8″. The depths available are 13.7″ or 22.8″- but if you want to use hangers in your unit then you need to work with the 22.8″ depth.

What is the tallest PAX wardrobe?

The PAX wardrobe comes in 2 heights: 236 cm and 201 cm. With the 236 cm version you will have a clearance of 38 cm. With the 201 cm, you’ll have a 73 cm margin. The height difference will let you play around with different options for the best fit — like LEGO.

What is standard height of wardrobe?

On an average, the height of a wardrobe varies between 7-8 ft. Anything higher or lower than this can affect its ergonomic design and storage capacity. If you require more storage, then opt for lofts.

Does IKEA do Made to measure wardrobes?

We can create a storage solution to go above your existing wardrobe. This will be made to measure and to match your existing doors. We can create multiple doors or a single door so that you can utilise the space above your wardrobe.

Are IKEA PAX wardrobes worth it?

Are the IKEA Pax wardrobes worth it? Yes, the IKEA Pax wardrobes are definitely worth the investment. You can organize and customize your closet space under a budget. The quality is also nice and sturdy.

How tall is a Home Depot wardrobe moving box?

Heavy-Duty Tall Wardrobe Moving Box with Metal Hanging Bar and Handles (24 in. L x 24 in. W x 44 in. D) Tall wardrobe box has convenient front access pane with metal bar

How big of a closet can a wardrobe box hold?

Each box includes a metal hanging bar for hanging up to 18 inches of closet space. It features built-in, perforated handles to make lifting and carrying a breeze. 1 metal hanging bar included! Use 1 box for every 1-1/2’ of closet space! We’ll buy back the boxes you don’t use.

What kind of box is a wardrobe box?

A wardrobe box, or dresser box, is a regular cardboard box that has an extra clothes hanger bar attached to its top. Some more expensive products can also have reinforced handles, to allow transportation of heavier clothing items like winter jackets.

How big is the wardrobe box in a U-Haul?

The large wardrobe box is slightly larger at 24” x 24” x 48” (the Grand wardrobe is 24″ x 21″ x 48″). Also, the large wardrobe box is banded, meaning it is folded compact and banded with plastic bands to make it easier and more compact to carry or fit into a vehicle. I hope that is helpful!