Who dated Teresa Lisbon?

Patrick Jane

Teresa Lisbon
Occupation FBI Special Agent
Spouse Patrick Jane (2017-present)
Children Unborn child (with Patrick Jane)
Religion Catholic

Why did Minnelli leave the mentalist?

Minelli retired following the murders of Sam Bosco and his team, all committed by Red John’s accomplice Rebecca. In the third season episode Jolly Red Elf, Patrick asks Minelli, who has developed somewhat of a drinking problem, for help in finding out what J.J. LaRoche knows about the death of Todd Johnson.

Why does Red John hate Patrick Jane?

The first was Patrick Jane’s wife, Angela; Red John wanted to punish Jane for saying derogatory things about him during a TV interview. In the season 2 episode “His Red Right Hand”, it is revealed another man was killed when he interrupted his wife’s murder at the hand of Red John.

Is Cho Red John?

Kimball Cho is a fictional character portrayed by Tim Kang on the American TV crime drama The Mentalist. According to The Mentalist Code, he received his name from Dr. Richard Kimble, just as Red John received his name from Fred Johnson, the one-armed man on The Fugitive.

Do you have to sign in to YouTube to watch secreto del mentalista?

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Who is the senior agent on The Mentalist?

Jane goes behind Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon’s (ROBIN TUNNEY) back to orchestrate his own unorthodox undercover operation as the team tries to catch a murderer in the Napa Valley. 3. Red Tide

Is there a wiki page for The Mentalist?

The Mentalist Wiki is a collaborative project dedicated for everything related to the CBS series The Mentalist, starring Simon Baker. This encyclopedia is written for fans by fans, and everyone is welcome to participate.

Who is the Sheriff of Napa County in The Mentalist?

McAllister is the sheriff of Napa County and heads the Blake Association, a clandestine criminal organization of corrupt California law enforcement officials. He is killed by Jane in “Red John” Season 6, Episode 8.