Who are the three main characters in War and Peace?

War and Peace broadly focuses on Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812 and follows three of the most well-known characters in literature: Pierre Bezukhov, the illegitimate son of a count who is fighting for his inheritance and yearning for spiritual fulfillment; Prince Andrei Bolkonsky, who leaves his family behind to …

Which characters in War and Peace are real?

Not all the characters in War and Peace were Tolstoy’s inventions. There are several characters who were actual historical figures, and the most prominent of these characters are Kutuzov, Tsar Alexander, and Napoleon.

Who does Natasha Love in War and Peace?

After the French forces depart Moscow, Natasha again meets Andrei’s sister Maria and together they nurse Andrei until he dies. They are reunited with Pierre, whose estranged wife Helene has died. Natasha and Pierre fall in love. Eventually, they marry and have four children.

Who is the hero in War and Peace?

Pierre Bezukhov. Count Pyotr “Pierre” Kirillovich Bezukhov (/bɛ. zjuːˈkɒv/; Russian: Пьер Безу́хов, Пётр Кири́ллович Безу́хов) is a central fictional character and the main protagonist of Leo Tolstoy’s 1869 novel War and Peace.

What is the first line of war and peace?

First Line: ” ‘Eh bien, mon prince, Gênes et Lucques ne sont plus que des apanages, des estates, de la famille Buonaparte. ‘ ” (Well, my prince, Genoa and Lucca are now no more than possessions, estates, of the Buonaparte family.)

What is the moral of war and peace?

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy (1869) provides a broad panorama of Russian society against the backdrop of the 1812 Napoleonic army’s invasion. Two key themes in the novel are spirituality in the main characters and family happiness as the ultimate reward for spiritual suffering.

Who is Anatole married to?

Anatole Kuragin
Title Prince
Family Vasily Kuragin (father) Hélène Kuragina (sister) Hippolyte Kuragin (brother)
Spouse Unknown Polish Woman
Significant other Hélène Kuragina Natasha Rostova

How old was Leo Tolstoy when he wrote War and peace?

Only known color photograph of the author, Leo Tolstoy, taken at his Yasnaya Polyana estate in 1908 (age 79) by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky. Tolstoy’s notes from the ninth draft of War and Peace, 1864. Tolstoy began writing War and Peace in 1863, the year that he finally married and settled down at his country estate.

What are the names of the characters in war and peace?

Many of the family names used in War and Peace are slight alterations of real names Tolstoy had encountered in his life—a deliberate strategy intended to make the novel feel familiar to the Russians who read it. Bolkonsky, for example, is a manipulated version of Tolstoy’s mother’s family name, Volkonsky.

Who was the bad guy in war and peace?

Tolstoy loosely based the character of Fyodor Dòlokhov in War and Peace on his cousin, Fyodor “the American” Tolstoy, who was in his time notorious throughout Russia. A careless and hot-headed guy, who fought duel after duel, had a serious gambling addiction and cheated with cards as if his life depended on it. I wrote about him on my blog here.

Who are the characters in Tolstoy’s troglodyte?

One is Prince Andrei Bolkonsky. He is Tolstoy’s aristocratic cold and reticent self. His other half – the boorish young Tolstoy who was nicknamed the Bear, and the Troglodyte – can be found in Pierre Bezukhov, played by Paul Dano, an awkward debauchee like Tolstoy.