Is it worth buying ex-police car?

“Most importantly, these cars will be on the button mechanically and the bodywork will be very tidy, so if you’re looking for honest and cheap transport, an ex-police car can provide excellent value for money.”

Can you buy a real police car?

Used police cars can be purchased by anyone just as you would purchase any used vehicle at an auction. You’ve probably seen them on the road and slowed your speed until you realized it’s not a police car.

Why are ex police cars cheap?

The main reason anyone would consider buying an ex-police car is because they are cheap to buy. You will be able to buy a used police car for a fraction of the price of the equivalent model that hasn’t been owned and run by a police department, but there are good reasons for that.

What cars can outrun a police car?

Other notable vehicles that are able to outrun the cops include the Honda Civic Type R with a top speed of 272km/h(169mph) and the BMW 530i with a top speed of 250km(155mph). Still, if you are unlucky, there is a chance you might meet a Ford Mustang or a Chevrolet Camaro.

Where can I buy an ex police car?

At Ex Police Cars we are a specialist dealership in Ex Police Vehicles, also deals in 1 owner company vehicles, based in Manchester. If you are looking for great savings on quality used cars, then you have reached the right place.

Where to buy a police car in Oregon?

We live in Oregon and bought a 2017 Ford Explorer AWD Police Interceptor Utility from Asia Motors. Syed was very professional and spot on about all the vehicle details. We were told that the shipping would take 15-20 days to Bend but to our surprise, the vehicle arrived within two weeks of the payment.

Where is the best place to buy a police car?

Asia Motors Inc specializes in used police vehicles and is the best place to buy these cars. I had a great experience buying a car from them. They are friendly and cool. They’re is no pressure at all.