What is considered central AZ?

Central is located between the towns of Thatcher and Pima, all west of the Graham County seat, Safford. U.S. Route 70 is the main thoroughfare. Central has a ZIP Code of 85531; in 2000, the population of the 85531 ZIP Code Tabulation Area was 404….

Central, Arizona
ZIP code 85531
Area code(s) 928
GNIS feature ID 2693

Where does the Central Arizona Project end?

Pima Mine Road

Central Arizona Project
Begins Lake Havasu, La Paz County
Ends Pima Mine Road, Pima County
Total length 336 mi (541 km)

Where does the CAP Canal start and end?

Answer: The CAP has 336 miles of fenced canal or aqueduct. The canal begins at Lake Havasu and runs east to Lake Pleasant. It then turns south, skirting the eastern edge of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, runs through Pinal County and ends 14 miles south of Tucson.

Where is South Central Pima County located?

Pima County (/ˈpiːmə/ PEE-mə) is a county in the south central region of the U.S. state of Arizona. As of the 2010 census, the population was 980,263, making it Arizona’s second-most populous county. The county seat is Tucson, where most of the population is centered….Pima County, Arizona.

Pima County
Website www.pima.gov

Why does Arizona use so much water?

Because of the predominantly semiarid to arid climate in Arizona, economic development in the State is largely influenced by access to adequate water supplies. Water demand is met by pumping groundwater from aquifers or by conveying surface water through a system of reservoirs and canals.

Can you swim in Arizona canals?

Swimming, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing and tubing are not allowed on the canals. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the canal banks (authorization from SRP is required). Stay away from automated equipment at water delivery gates. Never jump in to rescue pets or objects such as toys.

What cities are in South Central AZ?


  • 1 Casa Grande.
  • 2 Coolidge.
  • 3 Eloy.
  • 4 Green Valley.
  • 5 Nogales.
  • 6 Oracle.
  • 7 Patagonia.
  • 8 Picacho.

Are there any bad areas in Phoenix?

South Mountain This rough neighborhood has a population of 123,300. It used to be known to host the largest ghetto in Phoenix. Perhaps because, for most of some decades, it has been the poorest, most diverse, and socio-economically challenged area of Phoenix.

What cities are in central Arizona?

The Central Region is home to the state capital, Phoenix, and is made up of five counties—Maricopa, Gila , Pinal , Graham, and Greenlee . More than half of the state’s population lives in Maricopa County, primarily in Phoenix and surrounding cities in a region known as the Valley of the Sun.

Where is southern AZ?

Southern Arizona is the area of Arizona south of the Gila River , roughly corresponding to the area from the 1854 Gadsden Purchase (shown on the map in yellow with present-day state boundaries and cities)

What are the best places to visit in Arizona?

However, one of the best places to visit in Arizona includes Cathedral Rock. Many travelers visit this unique attraction every year, drawn to its immense size and formation. Standing almost five thousand feet tall, Cathedral Rock appears stunning amid the Arizona desert landscape.

What are the major cities in Arizona?

Phoenix is the state capital and also the largest city in Arizona. Glendale and Mesa are two important cities in Phoenix Metropolitan Area . Tucson , state’s second largest city, is located further down south. Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Tempe, Yuma, and Flagstaff are other major cities in Arizona.