How do you give yourself weapons in Fallout 3?

To add a weapon to your inventory, open the command console with ~ and type player. additem [item code].

What is the best weapon in Fallout New Vegas?

[Top 10] Fallout New Vegas Best Weapons And How To Get Them

  • YCS/186. (A unique Gauss rifle)
  • Ranger Sequoia. (A beautifully designed wasteland treasure)
  • Holy Frag Grenades. (The blessing of explosions)
  • SleepyTyme. (Time to take a nap)
  • Ballistic Fist.
  • Mercy.
  • A Light Shining in Darkness.
  • Christine’s CoS Silencer Rifle.

How do I get out of the dev room in Fallout 4?

There are no exits, so the only way to leave is to use coc to teleport to another cell.

How many cheats are there in Fallout 3?

Now we have 16 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 2 unlockables, 2 easter eggs, 2 glitches, 7 secrets. We hope information that you’ll find at this page help you in playing Fallout 3 on XBOX 360 platform.

Where do you buy weapons in Fallout 3?

Go to any merchant, and purchase everything desired from him or her. Then, sell the merchant both of the weapons. Buy back the cheap one, then sell it back. Every other time you do this, the merchant will give the weapon in good condition for the price of the other weapon.

What are the item codes for Fallout 3?

ARMOR ITEM CODES Advanced Radiation Suit 0003307A Child Blastoff Helmet 0007C109 Chinese Commando Hat 00078646 Chinese Jumpsuit 000340D2 Colonel Autumn’s Uniform 0005157E

How do you add ammo in Fallout 3?

To add it to your inventory, open the command console ( ~) and type player.additem followed by the item code and quantity you want. For example, to add 250 rounds of .32 caliber ammo, you would type: These are the known codes for many miscellaneous items that can be found in Fallout 3.