How do I access Microsoft Action Pack?

Go to your Membership offers page. Select Microsoft Action Pack Subscription to view your subscription details.

What is included in MS Action Pack?

What Is Included In A Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS)?

  • 3 Visual Studio Professional Subscriptions (formerly known as MSDN Subscriptions)
  • 5 Microsoft 365 E3 (formerly Office 365 E3) seats.
  • 5 Intune.
  • 5 Enterprise Mobility Suite.
  • 5 Azure AD Basic.
  • 5 Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Customer Engagement.

What is a Microsoft Action Pack?

The Microsoft Action Pack is portfolio of resources that can jumpstart your business’s growth as you build and scale innovative applications and services. Action Pack includes: A suite of product licenses to enhance your team’s productivity. Brand marketing that denotes partnership with Microsoft.

What are Microsoft competencies?

Competencies allow your organization to demonstrate your technical capability to deliver Microsoft solutions. Microsoft Competencies are designed to meet your customers’ needs and showcase your expertise to prospective customers. They come with a wealth of benefits for your organization as well.

How do I become a Microsoft reseller?

9 steps to get started partnering with Microsoft for US Partners

  1. Join the Microsoft Partner Network.
  2. Manage your membership.
  3. Activate your referrals, IURs and more.
  4. Access training and work toward a competency.
  5. Build a cloud practice.
  6. Utilize sales and marketing resources.
  7. Program incentives.
  8. Support is just a click away.

What is Microsoft IUR?

When you join Microsoft Partner Network, Microsoft gives free licenses to Microsoft products and services for internal usage. Microsoft calls this benefit as internal use rights (IUR) and it was introduced in early 2000s. IUR program was started when most of the product licenses were for on-premise software.

How much does a Microsoft Action Pack cost?

Your investment

Requirements Network Microsoft Action Pack
Partner requirements Sign up for membership. Pay the annual subscription fee.
Annual fee No cost $475*

How do I purchase Microsoft Action Pack?

To subscribe to Action Pack Solution Provider, you must: Comply with the terms and conditions of the Microsoft Partner Network Agreement. Take a 30-minute online course and pass an online assessment, which is administered during the ordering process. Pay the annual Microsoft Action Pack Subscription fee

What’s included in Microsoft Action Pack?

Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS) is a cost-effective annual subscription that provides Microsoft Registered Partners internal-use, full-version software and sales resources. You receive one Welcome Kit and three Quarterly Update Kits. Each kit contains new software releases, as well as updated sales and marketing materials.

What is the Microsoft Action Pack Program?

The Microsoft Action Pack (MAP) is an annual subscription that allows Microsoft partners to develop their Microsoft services based businesses using the software and services they will be selling to their customers. The annual package, which costs $475 each year, provides the following benefits to partners: