What color eyeshadow is best for hazel eyes?

Browns, golds and greens will instantly enhance the richness of hazel, bronzes are dreamy for bringing out the warmth and purples provide a gorgeous contrast to your eye colour. Discover Charlotte Tilbury’s range of eyeshadow products to complement your hazel eyes and create the perfect mesmerising makeup look…

Does GREY eyeshadow suit hazel eyes?

Hazel eyes stand out with orange and coral shades. Grey eyes suit similar toasty shades as blue eyes, but silver, gunmetal, or icy blue will also look magical.

What eyeshadow makes hazel eyes look green?

If you prefer to wear makeup, then you can use a green eye pencil to outline your eyes. Wearing a coral lipstick will also make hazel eyes look more green. The best green to wear for hazel eyes is olive green. This is because the hazel eyes are a green mixed with a brown, and they appear to be olive green.

What color lipstick looks good with hazel eyes?

Whether you have super green hazel eyes or ones with more brown, makeup makes a world of difference. From what we found, the best lipstick colors for those with hazel eyes include pink, purple, nude, and red.

What hair color goes best with GREY eyes?

The Best Hair Colors For Grey Eyes

  • Dark Brown. No matter your eye color, dark brown hair is always a good choice.
  • Medium Brown. If you have fair skin, you may avoid dark hair colors that could make you look washed out.
  • Ash Brown.
  • Dark Ash Blonde.
  • Copper.
  • Peach.
  • Red Wine.
  • Grey.

How do you compliment hazel eyes?

Your best colors: The best colors for your hazel eyes include dark neutrals like brown and gray, which will pick up the darker tones in your eyes. For a bolder combination, orange and lavender look so good with hazel, making the greener shades in them pop.

What color lipstick looks good with green eyes?

Green eyes are complemented by lipsticks with orange, red or brown tones.

What hair color brings out green eyes the best?

Rich golden blondes, copper-based colors, chocolate browns and rich golden browns will highlight the golden flecks in your eyes. For the best hair color for green eyes when you have olive skin, avoid blue, green or violet bases. Platinum blondes or anything ashy should also be avoided.