Is Jandy the same as Pentair?

Pentair and Jandy are two big names you’ll see when you’re researching pumps and filters for your inground pool. As a reminder, the 3 types of pool filters are cartridge, sand, and D.E. filters.

Is Pentair compatible with Jandy?

Jandy / Zodiac / Fluidra Automation Products Compatible with variable speed pumps from other manufacturers including Pentair. Compatible with internet-based smart phone controls or radio frequency PDAs through add-ons.

How long do Jandy valves last?

Pool valves tend to last between 5-7 years before the exterior plastic parts need to be replaced. As long as the internal parts are working handles can be replaced. If the valves are older than 10 years you may want to replace the whole thing versus replacing just handles.

How much does a pool actuator cost?


Who makes the best pool pumps?

The 10 Best Above Ground Pool Pumps

  • Our #1 Pick: Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump.
  • Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Pump.
  • Hayward Power-Flo Above-Ground Pool Pump.
  • Hayward Super Pump.
  • Harris Above-Ground Pool Pump.
  • Hayward Power-Flo Matrix Above-Ground Pool Pump.
  • Hayward Perflex DE Pool Filter and Pump System.

How do I know if my Jandy valve is open?

On a two port Jandy valve, the valve has two closed positions and one open position. On the left, the valve is closed because the diverter is blocking the flow of water through the port. In the center, the diverter is blocking nothing, so the valve is open and water can flow through it.

Where should a pool check valve be installed?

As such, a common location for a check valve is on the incoming suction pipe, in front of the filter pump. For best results with pump priming, especially for pumps lifting more than 24” from the water surface, the check valve should not be installed directly against the pump intake, but 12”-18” in front of the pump.

What does a pool valve actuator do?

Using an actuator allows you to turn on and regulate your pool or spa’s water features with either a push of a button, or through using a mobile app. Actuators are hard wired into your system’s controls for ease of use and are usually mounted on top of, or close to, your pool’s diverter valve(s).

Which is better a Jandy pump or a Pentair pump?

Pumps should go to Pentair as they are very reliable and they own the IntelliFlo. In terms of automation, the Pentair IntelliTouch is awesome but a bit overwhelming to most newbies. The Jandy stuff is excellent and very user friendly.

What kind of pool Valve does Jandy use?

Jandy set the standard for swimming pool valves with the groundbreaking Jandy Valve that revolutionized pool plumbing. A distinctive three-way valve, the unsurpassed Jandy Valve helps simplify complex plumbing layouts so you can feel confident that your pool will operate smoothly time and again.

Which is better the Pentair salt or the Jandy Aqua Pure?

In terms of automation, the Pentair IntelliTouch is awesome but a bit overwhelming to most newbies. The Jandy stuff is excellent and very user friendly. Salt is a pretty even thing also. The Jandy Aqua Pure is a nice product that is very friendly on installation and the Pentair IntelliChlor is also a good unit.

Which is better Pentair pump or IntelliFlo pump?

I think the Intelliflo VS pump is superior than the Jandy pumps and the Intellichlor SWG is better then the Jandy SWG. No regional difference. Both are available throughout the US. Jandy stuff is ok. Pentair stuff seems to be of higher quality and has better business practices.