Is Unpassionate a word?

Unpas′sionately. —adj. Unpas′sioned, free from passion.

What is another word of passionate?

What is another word for passionately?

eagerly emotionally
enthusiastically excitedly
fiercely strongly
vehemently warmly
wildly animatedly

What is the synonym of hysterical?

overwrought, emotional, uncontrolled, uncontrollable, out of control, unrestrained, unrestrainable, frenzied, in a frenzy, frantic, wild, feverish. beside oneself, driven to distraction, in a panic, agitated, neurotic.

What is synonym of ardent?

Some common synonyms of ardent are fervent, fervid, impassioned, passionate, and perfervid. While all these words mean “showing intense feeling,” ardent implies an intense degree of zeal, devotion, or enthusiasm.

What does Impassionate mean?

: without passion or feeling : dispassionate.

What is a word for intense love?

What is another word for intense love?

adoration love
admiration reverence
worship devotion
idolization honourUK
adulation affection

What is the synonym of menacingly?

In this page you can discover 41 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for menacing, like: threatening, ominous, looming, approaching, imminent, impending, minatory, tormenting, minacious, bullying and browbeating.

What is the synonym of enthusiastic?

forceful, avid, warm, vigorous, fanatical, keen, zealous, concerned, rhapsodic, pleased, anxious, eager, willing, rabid, earnest, exuberant, ardent, passionate, fervent, agog.

Is there another word for the word unpassionate?

What is another word for unpassionate? Need synonyms for unpassionate? Here’s a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. “His love for Giuditta Sidoli was fading into a sincere but unpassionate esteem.”

Which is the best antonym for the word passionate?

antonyms of passionate. MOST RELEVANT. apathetic. cold. cool. dull. frigid. happy. indifferent.

What’s the difference between impassioned and passionate words?

The words impassioned and passionate are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, impassioned implies warmth and intensity without violence and suggests fluent verbal expression. When might perfervid be a better fit than passionate?

Is the word passionate a synonym for Perfervid?

The words perfervid and passionate can be used in similar contexts, but perfervid implies the expression of exaggerated or overwrought feelings. Get Word of the Day daily email!