Is an IQ of 124 good?

Intelligence quotient or IQ is a standardized method to know the mental ability of a person, usually against a peer group. IQ scores between 90 and 109 indicate a normal or average intelligence. Individual adults usually score somewhere in between the 70-130 range, with 100 being the theoretical average.

Is an IQ of 172 good?

130 to 144: Moderately gifted. 145 to 159: Highly gifted. 160 to 179: Exceptionally gifted. 180 and up: Profoundly gifted.

Is free IQ test accurate?

Free IQ test It must be said that with only few exceptions, free tests will not give reliable IQ measurements. They can be very useful as exercise material and in preparation for e.g. an assessment, but do not expect to see your real IQ score.

What is the best free online IQ test?

7 BEST FREE IQ TEST FOR ADULTS ONLINE 1. 2.’s Free IQ test 3. Brain Metrix’s IQ test 4. See My Personality 5. FunEducation 6. Memorado 7. IQ test free at Quick IQ

What is the highest score for an IQ test?

Average IQ scores for over 95% of those who take the test range between 70 to 130. A good IQ score falls within the 80-110 range. The highest possible IQ score you can get is between 160-170.

What is the most accurate online IQ test?

The GIQTest is the most realistic and accurate IQ test on the web. GIQTest – Online Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Test & Scale Score. This test is modeled after real, clinical IQ tests like the Standford – Binet , Raven’s Matrices, and WAIS tests.

Is 109 a good IQ score?

Most likely, 109 is an average IQ score. Actually, 109 IQ suggests that you have an average intelligence. A 109 IQ would put you in the middle of the IQ scale. Precisely, most IQ scores go from 40 to 140. Typical IQ ranges from 80 to 120. Thus, an IQ of 109 is relatively okay.