Where is the serial number on a LC Smith typewriter?

(Look for the serial number on the right top of the frame, under the right end of the carriage.) If it is an office-sized typewriter with an enclosed frame (covered in sheet metal), it’s after 1930. Underwood portables with three rows of keys date from 1919-29.

How much is a Smith Corona Classic 12 typewriter worth?

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How do I identify my Remington typewriter?

The Compact Portable is essentially a #2. The serial numbers of these machines begin with a C. The typewriter often has a nickeled strip running above the keyboard, and the panel that raises the typebars is textured.

What is a Royal manual typewriter worth?

Royal Portables Generally portables from the 1920s-1940s are worth between $500-$800 and portables from the 1950s-1970s are worth anywhere between $200-$600. For instance, a green Model P is listed from an online typewriter seller for about $550, and Sotheby’s has a 1930s portable listed for $600.

What are the serial numbers for the L C Smith typewriter?

The Archivist L.C. Smith Typewriter Serial Numbers L.C. Smith Typewriter Serial Numbers for all L.C. Smith typewriter models.

Are there any problems with a 1937 typewriter?

It had a number of problems, such as the carriage would hang (and when it didn’t hang it squeaked), the space bar only worked randomly, shifted characters did not type on the same line as non-shifted characters, some of the key tops were unreadable, and the entire machine was filthy — inside and out. But the price was right — $15.

Who are the brothers of the Smith Typewriter Company?

The L.C. Smith & Bros. Typewriter Company was founded in Syracuse, N.Y. on January, 1st, 1903 by Lyman C. Smith and his brothers Hurlburt W., Wilbert L. and Monroe C., who resign from Smith Premier over the company’s refusal to introduce a frontstroke typewriter.

Where can I find the serial number on my typewriter?

In the past week or so two readers have asked for directions in finding the serial numbers on their typewriters, a later model Imperial Good Companion portable and an L.C.Smith No 8 14-inch carriage standard. By chance, while looking for something else entirely, I came across this page from Wilf Beeching’s Century of the Typewriter (1974 edition).