How do I pay Northern Gateway toll?

You have three options to pay for your Northern Gateway toll:

  1. By Cash: Over-the-counter payments can be made at 33 upper North Island BP and Caltex service stations.
  2. Online: You can also use to pay online, you will simply need your car plate number and credit card information.

How much is the northern gateway toll?

Northern Gateway Tolls to rise

Light Vehicles Heavy Vehicles
Northern Gateway $2.30 $4.70
Takitimu Drive $1.80 $4.80
Tauranga Eastern Link $2.00 $5.00

How do I pay a toll Online NZ?

If you have travelled on a toll road within the last five working days, you can pay for your tolls by going to the ‘Purchase Pay & Go Toll ‘ section of our website. It is free to pay online. You will need the registration plate of the vehicle.

How do I check my tolls NZ?

It’s easy to check your details – click on ‘Online services’ at, or call 0800 108 809.

Where can I pay a toll charge?

You can: pay with cash at your nearest Payzone store. set up an account by post. pay in advance or top-up your account by post.

How do I pay Puhoi tunnel toll?

You can simply set up an account with Land Transport and they will deduct tolls automatically, or use the website, or call the freephone number, or you can pre-pay online, or visit one of the cash payment points with the car registration number. For BP and Caltex paypoint locations, see: Orewa/Whangaparaoa paypoints.

How much is the toll road in Auckland?

What is the breakdown of the current toll tariff?

Breakdown Northern Gateway Takitimu Drive
Light Vehicle (Car/Motorcycle) Heavy Vehicle (Bus/truck)
Toll Operating Revenue $0.70 $0.70
GST $0.31 $0.65
Toll Tariff $2.40 $5.00

Who owns tolls NZ?

The Transport Agency
The Transport Agency operates three toll roads in NZ; the Takitimu Drive Toll Road (formerly Route K), the Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road and the Northern Gateway Toll Road, north of Auckland.

Where are NZ toll roads?

The Transport Agency currently has three toll roads: the Northern Gateway Toll Road north of Auckland, and the Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road and the Takitimu Drive Toll Road, both in Tauranga.

How much are toll roads in NZ?

Toll charges

Car, motorcycle, or light commercial vehicle (3.5 tonnes or less) Heavy vehicle (over 3.5 tonnes)
Northern Gateway Toll Road $2.40 $4.80
Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road $2.10 $5.20
Takitimu Drive Toll Road $1.90 $5.00

What happens if you forget to pay Dart?

You can get a £70 fine if you do not pay the charge. You must pay it within 28 days. The fine will be: reduced to £35 if you pay within 14 days.

Where is the Northern Gateway toll road in New Zealand?

The Northern Gateway Toll Road is on State Highway 1, north of Auckland Central. As it is an electronic toll road using number plate recognition to charge vehicles, it’s not completely obvious that you have to pay to use this road. Although there is no toll gate to stop and pay, drivers must pay either before using the road or after.

How to toll a road in New Zealand?

If the email was genuinely sent from the Transport Agency, it will not include any attachments; instead it asks you to log into your tolling account. Hover your mouse over the link carefully to ensure it states before you click on it.

Can you pay for multiple tolls on one toll road?

Pay for a toll or multiple tolls on a single toll road. You can purchase up to 10 tolls per toll road in one transaction. Pay & Go is toll road and vehicle specific.

How does Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency work?

For commercial organisations. Travel on any New Zealand toll road as many times as you like and we’ll send you an invoice at the end of each month. You’ll pay by direct debit on the 20 th of the following month (or the next working day if it’s a public holiday).