What is Thalassa famous for?

Having moved out to the backwaters along with Siolim (from its prior location of Vagator hilltop), Thalassa is famous for its signature cocktails and sunsets. Reverberating with the cultural flavour of Greece, it serves authentic Greek Mediterranean cuisine.

Where is Thalassa India?

Thalassa is the place to be in Goa. True greek appearance, perched in the water’s edge, it is a place not to miss in Goa.

Who owns Thalassa Goa?

Mariketty Grana
Mariketty Grana, the owner of Thalassa, started off as a humble kebab seller in Goa.

Is Thalassa in North or South Goa?

About Thalassa, Vagator, North Goa.

How expensive is Thalassa Goa?

Thalassa – Menu ₹ 2000 for two (approx.)

What is the best time to go to Thalassa?

Thalassa Goa is usually pre-booked for a visit around sunset or later. It’s advisable to book your table at least a night before you visit, especially if you’d like to visit around sunset.

What does the name Thalassa mean?

In Greek mythology, Thalassa (/θəˈlæsə/; Greek: Θάλασσα, translit. Thálassa, lit. “sea”) was the primeval spirit of the sea, whose name may be of Pre-Greek origin.

When did Thalassa Goa open?

Her entry into the food & hospitality scene started at the Arpora Flea market where she would sell some great Greek delicacies. She went on to start Thalassa in 2006 & is now one of the most adored restaurants in Goa.

Are kids allowed at Thalassa Goa?

over a year ago. over a year ago. Yes children are allowed and will enjoy the food !! over a year ago.

Is Thalassa Goa open in April?

Yes they are open.

What kind of restaurant is Thalassa in Goa?

A Greek Taverna Overlooking The Arabian Sea. Thalassa (spirit of the sea) was born as a small tavern that could only house three tables but served a soulful Greek menu along with locally available spirits. Today, the restaurant is synonymous with the…

Which is better Siolim or Thalassa in Goa?

Burger, red pasta and Olive platter were awesome. Whenever in Goa, everyone has to visit Thalassa. It’s become an institution. The restaurant has shifted to a new place.. Whereas the earlier place in Vagator was supern for sundowner’s, the new place I feel has a more open air night club-ish feel.

Which is the best Greek restaurant in Goa?

She went on to start Thalassa in 2006 & is now one of the most adored restaurants in Goa. Native to the beautiful Greek island of Corfu, Mariketty always felt a deep connection with India. Intrigued by the similarity between Greek & Indian culture she thought of Making Goa her home & has now been here for 27 years.

What kind of food is served at Thalassa?

At Thalassa, you’ll find a hearty menu and Greek hospitality at its best. From our famous Souvlaki wraps, Gyros, Kleftiko to the freshest sea-food and grilled meat preparations, not to forget our lovely vegetarian feast. Mariketty Grana, not just the owner of the restaurant but the head chef as well has designed the entire menu herself.