How many rides are at Castle Park?

Castle Park features acres of fun and excitement, making it by far the best theme park in Riverside. With 35 unique rides and attractions, four 18-hole Miniature Golf courses, a four level water play area, and an arcade with new state-of-the art video games, we feature BIG fun for everyone in the family!

Is Castle Park fun for adults?

Castle Park is filled with fun rides & activities for kids, teens, & adults. Be sure to check out all of the food, snacks, and meals offered at Castle Park!

Is Buccaneer Cove Open at Castle Park?

More About Castle Park’s Buccaneer Cove Castle Park is open year-round.

Why did Castle Park Hawaii close?

Castle Park Whether Castle Park was your first employer, first date spot, or both – the Salt Lake amusement park promised the local community hours of fun. Unfortunately, the park was only open for eight years, closing after a fatal water incident lead to its eventual demise.

Are Castle parks rides open?

Ghost Blasters
Castle Park/Rides

How long has Castle Park been around?

History. The park opened in 1976 as a Family entertainment center, featuring a castle themed building housing a large two level video game arcade, and an outdoor miniature golf course.

When did Castle Park in Hawaii closed?

Visitors could play an 18-hole miniature golf course, explore a haunted mansion, volcano, pirate ship and drive grand prix race cars or bumper boats. It had two 400-foot water flumes snaking down from a hilltop into a fresh water lagoon. Castle Park didn’t attract enough visitors, and it closed in 1990.

What are Castle Park hours?

12pm to 5:30pm. Park will close at 5:30pm to prepare for Castle Dark at 7pm. Castle Dark Dinner begins at 6pm.

Who owned Castle Park Hawaii?

Palace Entertainment
Castle Park (amusement park)

Coordinates 33°54′10″N 117°28′06″WCoordinates: 33°54′10″N 117°28′06″W
Owner Palace Entertainment
Opened 1976
Operating season Year Round