Can you keep salmon in Nanaimo?

Fishing Season Fishing can be done all months of the year in the Nanaimo River. It is known to have chinook salmon for all months of the year, and coho salmon at times from September right up until January.

What salmon can you keep in BC?

Salmon & Halibut

Species Minimum Size Daily Limit
Chinook (King) Salmon 45cm (18in) 2
Coho (Silver) Salmon 30cm (12in) 4
Chum Salmon 30cm (12in) 4
Pink Salmon 30cm (12in) 4

Can you fish salmon in BC right now?

RIVER FISHING FOR SALMON The coastal rivers of British Columbia have healthy runs of wild salmon that begin their migration starting in late August and early September. Prime fishing months for chum and coho salmon are October & November. River fishing for Pink salmon fishing is generally good until mid September.

What is the legal size for salmon?

Finfish Bag and Size limits in NSW
Species Size limits or Legal Length (cm) Bag limit
Australian bass and estuary perch Only 1 fish longer than 35cm 4 in total (max.2 per day)
Australian salmon 5
Bream (black/southern, Yellowfin) 25 20 in total

Where can I pick oysters in Nanaimo?

The Nanoose Bay Recreational Shellfish Reserve is located on the south side of Nanoose Bay parallel to Highway 19. It is located approximately 27 kilometers north of downtown Nanaimo. This shellfish reserve covers approximately 23 hectares and is very productive supporting an abundance of shellfish species.

How many salmon can I keep per day?

2 salmon
The daily bag and possession limit is 2 salmon of any species except coho.

Can I keep chinook salmon?

The current regulations do not permit the public to keep any Chinook. However, Marked Selective Fisheries allow anglers to keep any sized hatchery-produced Chinook or Coho. These fish are easily identified by a clipped fin. Anglers would release wild salmon from stocks of concern.

Can you keep pink salmon in BC?

You can only fish for salmon in Region 2 during daylight hours. The total annual limit for chinook salmon over 50 cm is 10 fish from all fresh waters combined. All retained chinook, chum, pink, and sockeye must measure 30 cm or more.

What is the best lure for salmon?

These are the Best Salmon Fishing Lures:

  • Luhr Jensen Coyote Spoon.
  • Blue Fox Classic Vibrax Glow.
  • Pro-Troll ProChip Flasher.
  • Hotspot Flasher.
  • Acme Kastmaster.
  • Sougayilang Spinner Spoon.
  • Rapala Scatter Rap Jointed Lure.