Who makes tungsten carbide?

Table 2: Top United States Tungsten Carbide Suppliers

Company Headquarters
1 Oerlikon Metco Westbury, NY
2 EdgeTech Industries, LLC Miramar, FL
3 General Carbide Corp. Greensburg, PA
4 H.B. Carbide Lewiston, MI

How do you manufacture tungsten carbide?

  1. Tungsten carbide is prepared by reaction of tungsten metal and carbon at 1400–2000 °C.
  2. There are two well-characterized compounds of tungsten and carbon, WC and tungsten semicarbide, W.
  3. This process causes macrocrystalline WC particles to spheroidize and results in the non-stoichiometric high temperature phase WC.

Where is tungsten carbide found?

Tungsten Carbide is an inorganic chemical compound (WC) containing equal parts of tungsten and carbide. Its most basic form is that of a fine grey dust and is generally mined in China.

Is there a difference between carbide and tungsten carbide?

Did you know that it is technically incorrect to refer to carbide as just “carbide”? All carbides are a composite containing carbon and one other ingredient, usually a super hard metal like titanium, vanadium or tungsten. So “carbide” is wrong, whereas “tungsten carbide” or “titanium carbide” is correct.

Is tungsten carbide stronger than titanium?

Hardness – Both titanium and tungsten carbide are considerably harder than precious metals like gold and platinum. However, tungsten carbide is one of the hardest materials in existence and substantially harder than titanium, registering a 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness (compared to titanium’s score of 6).

What kind of metal is carbide?

Carbide is a compound that stands out on its own for being not only recyclable but being a durable metal as well. Carbide is composed of a combination of the elements of carbon and tungsten. When these two elements are mended together they create an alloy that is resistant to heat, scratches, pitting, and rust.

What are carbide cutting tools made of?

It consists of fine particles of carbide cemented into a composite by a binder metal. Cemented carbides commonly use tungsten carbide (WC), titanium carbide (TiC), or tantalum carbide (TaC) as the aggregate. Mentions of “carbide” or “tungsten carbide” in industrial contexts usually refer to these cemented composites.

What is stronger than tungsten carbide?

Titanium – This naturally occurring metal has the highest tensile strength to density ratio of any metal, which makes it, pound-for-pound, stronger than tungsten.

Where can I get tungsten carbide bearings made?

Yillik Precision Carbides manufactures high quaility, durable tungsten carbide products including carbide bushings , bearings, guides for textiles and ceramic cemented carbides for all types of high heat applications. All products are manufactured on-site for quality control and on time shipping.

What kind of carbide is used for drill bushings?

Carbide bushings are appropriate for long-run high-production drilling applications.These higher-cost drill bushings are made of C2 tungsten carbide material for extreme wear resistance. PC bushings are the carbide version of our popular P bushings, which are permanently pressed into the jig plate, usually flush with the top surface.

What are the different segments of the carbide market?

These market segments include the popular PDE5 inhibitors, testosterone replacement therapy, penile injection therapy, vacuum constriction devices, penile prostheses, and vascular reconstruction surgery.