What was the name of the song about bonquisha and Otis?

The song about Bonquisha and Otis is called “Xmas Blues” and is by Big Tyme from the Quad City DJs. The song is featured on “Allstar Christmas”(1996) by the group and can also be downloaded on Bearshare.

Why did Otis Beg bonquisha to open the door?

Otis goes out to get some things to eat for the holiday… When Gets to Bonquisha’s Place, He Begs her to open the door because its cold outside and he has loads of groceries that he’s trying to get out.of his hand. “Hello’ I would like to Speak to Bonquisha…

Who is bonquisha in Romeo and Juliet 2?

Bonquisha is a woman who “matches” with David on Tinder after Max tampers with his phone in the episode ” Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected “. Unbeknownst to the rest of the camp, the two actually continue dating until Bonquisha breaks it off in the episode ” Bonjour Bonquisha “.

How tall is bonquisha from Camp Camp?

Bonquisha is a tall and muscular dark-skinned woman with curly hair that is tied up in a ponytail, and yellow eyes that have vertical cat-like pupils.

Which is the funniest Christmas Song of all time?

The absolute chaos that is the concept of Santa’s sleigh being pulled by wild antlered animals is finally addressed on “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”—the unexpectedly popular macabre take on the traditional holiday fable. This content is imported from YouTube.

What kind of song is All I Want for Christmas?

An incredibly niche take on a holiday gift list, “All I Want for Christmas” is an ode to a little one’s impending canines—a great dual-marketing track for Santa’s distant cousin, the tooth fairy. This content is imported from YouTube.

Who is the singer of Xmas Blues?

One of our favorite Christmas songs was called Xmas Blues by a singer called Big Tyme, from his album called “All Star Christmas.” It’s the misbegotten tale of a “ne’er-do-well” named Otis who has lost his sweet love, BonQuisha, because of all the things he DIDN’T do for her.

Where did the Christmas Blues skit come from?

It’s a Christmas skit called “Christmas Blues” I hadn’t Heard it in a few years, They sure didn’t play it in Houston Either so To me I thought it was a New Orleans Thang…. It seems like Everyone is looking for an MP3 of it But Nobody knows who The Artist/comedian is.