What does LXT mean on Makita tools?

Makita’s Lithium-ion tools have proved market winners and now Makita’s expanded range offers a comprehensive, powerful and lightweight selection of professional tools to complete any job.

Does Makita Xgt replace LXT?

Will Makita XGT replace the LXT Range? The answer is NO! Makita will continue to invest heavily in LXT, and there is a tremendous roadmap of new LXT products in the pipeline for trade users in all divisions.

Is Makita LXT good?

This Makita drill definitely impresses on paper and performs just as well in real life. It is hard to complain where you have a really good product at an affordable price. This tool is fantastic with its excellent power-to-weight ratio that makes it a capable workhorse for most jobs.

What is the most powerful Makita 18V drill?

Makita Cordless DHP481Z
The Makita Cordless DHP481Z is the latest and most powerful 18V Combi Drill Makita have ever produced. DHP481Z is equipped with XPT (eXtreme Protection Technology) and a new brushless motor which offers considerable runtime on a single battery charge.

Is CXT or LXT better?

If you’re looking for small, compact tools for use around the home or for hobbyist or DIY work, go with the CXT line. The CXT family is the better choice if you’re looking for the most affordable options, but the LXT lineup offers far more versatility with more than 275 tools sharing the same batteries.

Are 40V tools more powerful than 18V?

The 18V and XGT hammer drills have the same max torque, and the XGT impact driver is a little more powerful than the 18V model. XGT RPMs are a little higher. The batteries included in both kits pack the same energy – 90 watt-hours.

Are 40V tools more powerful?

In addition to more “fuel” and the longer run times, the 40V battery will also allow tools to pull more power as they cut through tree limbs and wet grass. Users of 40V tools often compare the output to that of gas powered equipment.

Are Makita tools made in China?

Makita Corporation (株式会社マキタ, kabushiki gaisha Makita) (TYO: 6586) is a Japanese manufacturer of power tools. Founded on March 21, 1915, it is based in Anjō, Japan and operates factories in Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, Romania, the United Kingdom, Germany, Dubai, Thailand and the United States.

Which Makita drill is best for home use?

The Makita XPH12R 18V LXT is a drill-driver kit with extra features, and it is the best choice for contractors and serious DIY enthusiasts alike. However, there are several less expensive models that are ideal for occasional home use.

Can Makita CXT use LXT batteries?

The DC18RE will charge 18V LXT® and 12V max CXT® slide-style batteries, and shares many of the same efficiency features of Makita’s groundbreaking LXT® charging system. For 12V max CXT® slide-style batteries, the DC18RE will charge a 2.0Ah battery in only 30 minutes and a 4.0Ah battery in only 60 minutes.

What’s the difference between Makita 18v and 18V LXT?

Makita ® 18V LXT Sub-Compact Products are Makita’s most compact 18V tools for jobs that require quick and efficient tools. LXT Sub-Compact Products are engineered to be smaller and lighter than Makita’s premium tools, so users get 12V handling with 18V compatibility.

Which is Makita brushless X2 cordless tool system?

Makita 36V (18V X2) LXT Products deliver the power, speed, and run time to handle a wide range of more demanding applications. Developed by tradespeople for tradespeople, the LXT System was the world’s first 18V lithium-ion cordless tool system.

Which is Makita 18 volt cordless hammer drill?

The 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion 1/2 in. Hammer Driver-Drill (model XPH03Z, tool only) delivers a full 750 in. lbs. of Max Torque and 18% more speed, yet it is more compact and weighs less than the previous model. The XPH03Z has the torque and speed that contractors demand and it is engineered for increased resistance to water and dust.