What is another name for a number cruncher?

What is another word for number cruncher?

CPA accountant
reckoner examiner
book-keeper teller
cashier chartered accountant
state-licensed accountant C.P.A.

What is number crunching?

the act or process of performing mathematical operations to find a value. he did a little number crunching and made an offer on the house.

What does a cruncher mean?

1 : one that crunches. 2 : a finishing blow.

What can I say instead of a number?

What is another word for a number of?

various miscellaneous
motley multifarious
sundry varied
assorted different
several all manner of

How do you do number crunching?

This reverse machine first works out 15 – 3 = 12 and then divides 12 by the covered machine number to get 4. So 12 ÷ = 4, giving = 3. The students can try different machine numbers to see which ones work. For their machine numbers to be the correct numbers, they must also work for the rest of the data in the table.

What is a cruncher fly?

The trout cruncher fly, or cruncher, is a great imitator of nymphs for rainbow and brown trout. They do look similar to spiders with a hot spot behind the hackles, but its these that help throw them outwards.

What is another word for a number of people?

Crowd, multitude, swarm, throng refer to large numbers of people.

What does it mean to crunch data?

Data crunching refers to key initial steps required to prepare large volumes of raw data for analysis. It includes stripping out unwanted information and formatting, translating data into the required format and structuring it for analysis or processing by other applications.

What is number crunching in Excel?

Excel does this by adding the group of cells and then dividing by the total number of cells. To calculate the average of a group of numbers, enter =AVERAGE(range) into the Excel formula bar, where range represents the group of cells for which you wish to formulate an average.