What does Reverend Parris say in the crucible?

He says to his niece, Abigail Williams: “I have fought here three long years to bend these stiff-necked people to me, and now, just now when some good respect is rising for me in the parish, you compromise my very character.” Parris is worried that his career in Salem as the town’s minister is in jeopardy because his …

What does Parris represent in the crucible?

Parris’ significance in the drama is that he is the character who stands to benefit the most from the hysteria caused by the witch trials. Parris is shown to be completely without a sense of moral righteousness.

Is Reverend Parris a sinner?

In addition to his refusal to admit that he is a sinner, he also continues to portray that he is a religious man to the common town folk even though he plows on Sundays.

Why is Reverend Parris disliked?

Parris is an unpleasant and condemning man who is quick to accuse others of whatever he can in order to deflect any negativity from himself. Parris’s biggest fear seems to be that a faction of his own people are out to get him, and this fear and paranoia is what drives him most of the time.

What is Rev Parris afraid of?

It turns out that Parris isn’t pleading out of remorse at all, though: he’s only concerned for his own life. He found a dagger in his front door and is afraid that if respectable citizens like John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse are hanged, the town will revolt.

Who is Reverend Parris most worried about?

Reverend Parris is most concerned about his reputation. Audiences are very aware of this concern of his early in the play. His daughter, Betty, is sick on the bed, and nobody knows what is wrong with her. His number one concern should be Betty, but instead it is his image and reputation among the people of Salem.

What does Parris lie about?

Parris keeps bringing stuff up and replaying stuff over and over again. He lies to protect himself. He lies about seeing them naked.

What is Reverend Parris afraid of?

In The Crucible, Reverend Parris fears that his congregation is out to get him. Mainly though, Parris is afraid that he will be implicated in the witchcraft accusations and scapegoating. After all, it is his daughter, Better, who is vexed. His slave from Barbados, Tituba, is implicated by his niece Abigail Williams.

Is Reverend Parris a good man?

He is not a kind or compassionate man or father. John Proctor and Giles Corey reveal that Parris preaches too much hellfire and damnation, and some parents have even kept their children home because it is too much for them to bear.

Is Reverend Parris well respected?

Parris was well-liked and in complete control of his congregation. T/F? Rebecca Nurse was truly good woman, kind and gentle in her manner. Rebecca helped to deliver some of the Putnams’ babies.

Why is Parris afraid?

Why is Reverend Parris worried about Abigail’s reputation?

Parris’s concern clearly is focused on his own status in Salem. He needs to know exactly what Abigail was up to because he knows her actions will reflect on him. Parris knows that Abigail’s reputation is already questionable.