What does allegedly mean in a sentence?

Allegedly is defined as apparently, but without proof. An example of allegedly used as an adverb is in the sentence, “He allegedly came home before curfew last night,” which means that he said he came home before curfew last night, but there is no proof.

How do you use generally in a sentence?

1) Generally, I prefer painting with watercolours. 2) The discovery of America is generally referred to Columbus. 3) The experience has made him generally hostile towards women. 5) The new drug will be generally available from January.

What is an example of a common sentence?

Common sentence example. Twice, though the first time is not common knowledge. “You have a common goal,” Lana said thoughtfully. In any event, it presents a beautiful view of the town common , our destination.

What is meant by example sentence?

A combination or group of words that gives a complete meaning, thought or idea is called a sentence. Example. I am eating an apple. The above combination of words gives us a complete meaning or idea. Such a meaningful combination of words is called a sentence.

What type of speech is allegedly?

Allegedly is the adverb form of the adjective alleged, which itself comes from the past tense of the verb allege, meaning to claim without proof or before proof is available.

Who is alleged person?

The definition of alleged is something that has been stated but not necessarily confirmed. An example of someone who is alleged is person who has been arrested for a crime who has not yet been through the process of trial. The definition of alleged is some claim or something of which you should be wary and unconvinced.

Can generally start a sentence?

Though it has the same adverb meaning as generally, it cannot be used as flexibly. It almost always comes at the start of a sentence, adding emphasis, or rather acting like an introduction. It should not come before a verb, though it can come after a verb, in commas: In general, the lesson was difficult.

Where do we use generally?

You use generally to say that something happens or is used on most occasions but not on every occasion.

  • As women we generally say and feel too much about these things.
  • It is generally true that the darker the fruit the higher its iron content.
  • Generally speaking, his judgment is sound.

How is the word’allege’used in a sentence?

American lives, others allege that peacekeeping missions sap our resources or. They allege that animals earmarked for slaughter often face days without food. Rochester in the shadowy orchard; but I could not find a reason to allege for leaving him.

How to use ” alleged ” in a sentence?

Democracy, for example, is alleged both to promote and to inhibit economic development – yet some scholars conclude that democracy and growth are unrelated. Through alleged causal relationships we endlessly move from some phenomena to other phenomena.

When do you use the word allege in journalism?

Allege is most commonly used in a legal context and in journalism in reports about crime or other wrongdoing before it has been proven or before someone has been convicted. Using the word alleged allows journalists to talk about allegations without seeming to presume guilt (and getting sued for libel).

Which is the best definition of the word al-leged?

verb (used with object), al·leged, al·leg·ing. to assert without proof. to declare with positiveness; affirm; assert: to allege a fact. to declare before a court or elsewhere, as if under oath. to plead in support of; offer as a reason or excuse.