What kind of plant is white bird of Paradise?

The White Bird of Paradise is an absolute fan favorite, and we can see why it has made a tropical splash in the plant community. The Strelitzia nicolai’s long arching leaves makes its mark in any room, a real showstopper. This very stand-out plant is a must-have and adds an ambiance of elegance to your home that no other plant seems to compare to.

Can a white bird of Paradise be cut down?

Because it’s a clumping plant that grows multiple stems, you can cut down some of the stalks without hurting the plant. This plant is sometimes confused with Travelers Palm because they look similar when young, but birds won’t grow as big and don’t form a palm-like trunk. White bird of paradise is a moderate grower to about 25 feet.

Why are the leaves on my White Bird of paradise plant falling off?

Leaves of a white bird of paradise can become chewed up from wind damage, making the plant unattractive. Try to place it in an area protected from strong winds.

How to tell the difference between birds of Paradise?

The flower bract is dark blue and the petals and sepals are white, often with tinges of paler blue or deep pink. It doesn’t like frost or strong winds, but otherwise is very hardy. Plant in rich, acidic, free-draining soil, water when required and give it slow-release fertiliser in spring and summer.

One of the other Strelitzia bird of paradise plants is Strelitzia nicolai, the white bird of paradise. This Mexican bird of paradise plant, along with yellow bird of paradise and red bird of paradise, belong to a group of specimens that are desert plants rather than jungle plants.

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Where to grow bird of Paradise in South Africa?

If you know the bird of paradise mainly as a florist’s flower, you’re probably thinking of the Strelitzia genus. These plants, indigenous to warm, humid areas of South Africa, can be grown as outdoor perennials in zones 9–11 or as houseplants elsewhere.