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Following a Dream: The Story of a Man Who Is Not Afraid of Difficulties and Chooses His Own Path

Lado Okhotnikov

Today we will talk about a man who is not afraid to challenge fate. He does not know the word "laziness" and is not used to choosing easy ways. Instead, he prefers to go through a long and thorny road to achieve his goals. His lifestyle resembles the one of a climber who does not stop in front of difficult obstacles and continues to climb to the top. This style is the exact opposite of what many choose, who prefer to spend their days carelessly lying on the couch in front of the TV-set.

Please meet . One of the first to pave the way to network marketing, he built a successful team in Tianshi and is the founder of Meta Force (an ecosystem with a Metaverse).

In general his life is filled with amazing events and fascinating stories. He is not just a traveler, he is also a successful entrepreneur who knows how money is made, with what efforts and grit the result is achieved.

Lado sees opportunities in difficulties and is not afraid to take risks if he understands that this will lead him to prosperity. Today we will talk about this talented person who achieves his goals no matter what.

Why Lado? What was wrong with the name Vladimir?

My parents decided to name me after Grand Duke Vladimir. They dreamed that I would become as great but in my own way. The name Vladimir sounds proud and powerful and it stands for "Owner of the World." Honestly, for me it’s too aggressive.

Over the years I began to think about my true nature and reconsidered many values. I wanted to find a softer and more harmonious name that would reflect my attitude. And I found it in a Georgian variation − Lado. It means to be in tune and sounds more attractive to me. I got to know that in the legends Lado was the god of joy and fun and this is what exactly reflects my life philosophy.

Are you still Lado in your passport?

In my passport I am Vladimir and that’s it; this name is associated only with old acquaintances and relatives whom I have not seen for a thousand years. I chose the name Lado and it became the part of my personality which represents a free and joyful life.

Lado, tell us about your family

For me family is like a house on the ocean shore. I am happy that my wife and I share the same path and are on the same page. And our children are a luxurious breeze that fills life with freshness and new perspectives.

Do you have children? How old are they? What do they do?

My daughter is only a year old and my son is already 21. He is married and lives on his own, I have no influence on his decisions, I only suggest based on my personal experience.

Every time I see how they grow up and develop I feel that our family becomes even stronger and more stable like a ship that has survived many storms and is still afloat.

Sounds great, Lado. You seem to really live in harmony with the world. What values do you think helped you create such a wonderful family?

I believe that any strong family should be based on love and respect. You need to constantly work on yourself to be the best for your loved ones. We always try to support each other in difficult times, be it a storm or a calm. I am convinced that it is these qualities that make it possible to keep the family as an oasis of peace and joy in this crazy environment.

My family, my home is a place where I feel safe and calm where I can relax and be myself. I have been repeatedly told that I can find people who can support and help at any time.

I find support and understanding in my family. I know that I am not alone and that there are always those who are ready to respond. It inspires me, motivates me to take action and helps me make informed decisions.

It’s great to have such a reliable support next to you. After all, this is a real rarity and the envy of many. How interested are you in what is happening in the world?

Despite all the benefits that I have, I still cannot remain indifferent to what is happening around us. All world processes affect everyone and I strive to stay up to date in order to make the right decisions.

Interest in what is happening is like watching the surf from the shore. We are not able to somehow influence the situation but we can learn to predict the wind direction. I can’t just close my eyes to what’s happening as it will definitely have consequences for me and my environment.

What advice would you give to someone who is also trying to stay in the thick of things?

I always say you have to be able to read between the lines. It’s like when picking ripe fruits − the appearance does not always show how sweet and juicy the fruit is. We need to use all available tools − personal experience, knowledge, analytical and critical abilities in order to evaluate the information that is shown. I am cautious and do not trust everything that is broadcast by the media because the information can be distorted and far from the truth.

You touched on the topic of the media. In your opinion, does the average audience really take no notice that an image is being forced on them?

When it comes to the media it is important to learn how to sort the wheat from the chaff. It is not enough to collect a good and high-quality crop you need to be able to separate the husk in order to preserve the valuable crops. So in the case of information − we must be careful about what we listen, read and watch in order to see what is true and what is false. To do this you should look for a variety of sources of information and form your own picture of the world.

If DeFi is projected onto the world around us then new tools will appear in the decentralized world to expose lies and restore the truth. It is like the growth of new shoots on a plant − they carry new opportunities for prosperity. And I believe that with such tools we will be able to better understand what is happening around us and what changes we can implement to make the world around us better.

I am sure your versatility and interesting stories attract the attention of many. You have visited and lived in many countries. Tell us about your life experience gained abroad.

Each journey for me is a kind of appeal to myself, to my roots and self-knowledge. And upon returning home I acquire a new look. You become a real gourmet, you are permeated by the tastes and aromas of different countries and your memories are like dishes from many ingredients that you mix at your discretion.

The most delicious dishes are those that you cook yourself. It’s the same with travel — it helps me reach my potential and develop new skills. Therefore, the more the world opens up to you the more opportunities you have to express yourself and find your way.

Have you had any funny incidents during your journeys?

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved the mountains, and I can’t resist their power. I am always looking for a reason to go where the peaks strive upward, for me they are the keepers of wisdom and secrets.

If I go to the mountains I always prepare for difficulties. But one day I could not foresee that I would be on the verge of survival. Perhaps the mountains considered it necessary to test my courage before revealing their grandiose views and majestic forms.

I began my journey on a sultry day among sharp mountain slopes, running streams and winding paths. Halfway to the summit I noticed that thunder clouds were hanging over the mountain range. I understood that it was risky to continue my route in such weather but I decided to go to the end even despite the possible difficulties.

Why didn’t you come back, it was so easy?

By the way, why I did not return — I am always convinced that it is necessary to bring what has been started to the end. This quality was laid in me by my father for which I am immensely grateful to him. Due to my perseverance I have achieved a lot and never give up. Getting started means going all the way. Not a step back, only forward, firmly and confidently.

And so it happened after a few hours the rain began to pour like buckets and the water began to flood the path. I couldn’t stop because I knew the way back would be even more difficult. I continued to walk and with every step I felt that my strength was leaving me.

And finally I reached my goal. I stood on the edge of a cliff and a beautiful but such a dangerous view opened up in front of me. All my weariness and fear melted away in front of a stunning landscape that could be seen in the distance. I felt as if I had conquered the mountain itself.

It was a real challenge and I understood that it was only thanks to my perseverance that I was able to overcome all obstacles like a hero who had to kill an evil dragon in order to reach his goal.

Never stop: the life philosophy of Lado Okhotnikov

This person does not stop before difficulties, his perseverance and perseverance speak of his extraordinary courage and fortitude. He is not content with what he already has and does not look for easy ways. Lado is a complete antagonist to the majority, those who prefer a carefree life.

Okhotnikov is a modern image of a businessman and family man who is ready to do anything to achieve his goals, but not to the detriment of the others.