It is going to be fun doing this. You probably never thought that there could be so many innovative and interesting ways to chase off stress from your life. But here you are. Yes, stress is piling up on almost everyone you know but people all over the world have found ways to dodge it or beat it somehow.

They have also found several tricks to keep it under control and well-managed. For some strange reason, all of these innovative and out-of-the-box tips seem to be working. What is so new about them? What is so unique? Let’s help you out. Let’s discover a few very cool and entertaining ways to beat the blues in 2023 and keep stress and trauma away:


Laughing Is Fashionable

Laughing has suddenly become fashionable. Yes, the age of the brooding personalities is long gone. There was a time when everybody was fond of those gray characters from Christopher Nolan movies but they same to be getting out of that limbo. And it is a good sign. Laughing till your face hurts is not only fun but a great way to connect with your friends and social circle as well.


You become a lot more welcoming this way. You come across as a warm and genuine person. Just practicing laughing on your own or maybe as a part of a laughter club, every morning is good for your blood circulation as well. It keeps you active and healthy throughout the day. You can also stay away from hypertension and blood pressure in addition to type 2 diabetes and anxiety.


Meditation Is Very Trendy

Guided meditation is also a great way to remove all the stress from your life. During this meditative state, you can focus on the factors that are causing you this stress and tension. You can then focus on it and try to remove it from your life during that meditative session. It is not only helpful when it comes to maintaining the correct posture of your body and relieving several problems such as lower back pain, shoulder pain, and stiffness in your legs but also when you are trying to improve your concentration and overall mental health.


Guided imagery and visualization are also a part of meditation and this is exactly why it is considered highly therapeutic. It is able to distract you from the usual tensions and routines of your daily life making you feel lighter and more at ease.


It Is All About Living “Awake”

Have you ever thought about giving up all the booze and tobacco or perhaps any other bad habits that you know you should have given up a long time ago? It is going to take a lot of courage and willpower to do that but the trend is of living clean these days. And no, it does not mean that you become vegan.


Well, you can if you want to but the bottom line here is to give up all the alcohol and other substances including tobacco and even the occasional “indulgences” that you are fond of. People all over the world have understood the importance of staying alert and enjoying every bit of life as they are meant to. There is a certain wave of change that is happening all across the globe and you can be a part of it as well. If it helps you keep away the stress, nothing better than that.


Binging On Your Favorite Shows

This is, without a doubt, one of the most entertaining and fulfilling ways to keep away from all the stress and trauma that wants to upset your beautiful life. You can have a look at some of the most awesome series right here and binge-watch them till you cannot take even a second more of them.


Well, that is just a figure of speech because these shows are so cool and fantastic that you will never get bored of them. Also, with the many options that you have today when it comes to OTT entertainment, there is not a single moment in your life that can be dull. It doesn’t just keep you distracted with all the good things but also keeps you motivated with all the inspiring characters and strong leads that star in these path-breaking series.


Writing A Journal Is So Much Fun

Writing a journal or a diary is not just fun but quite entertaining as well. You can get as creative, candid, and foolish as you want to be. This is your personal diary and only you have access to it or perhaps some of your very close friends and your partner maybe. Writing your thoughts and feelings on paper gives you a very practical outlet where your emotions can travel from your mind into the journal.


You can begin by writing about what has happened throughout the day. Just let the words flow and you will see how relaxing and cathartic the entire process can be. You can either go with a traditional pen and paper or perhaps a document on your personal computer.


Play Music And Get Creative

If you have a special talent such as this, why do you want to waste it? It is probably the most interesting way to do away with any stress and emotional trauma that you might be facing. You can either listen to music or create a musical piece of your own. It reduces muscle tension and helps you decrease the level of stress hormones in your body. It is highly relaxing and once you start swaying to your favorite musical compositions, it is almost impossible to stop.


The Bottom Line

You will find that there are countless ways to do away with stress and tension. It can be work-related or perhaps something that has got to do with your parents. These tips are going to help you no matter what the situation is. There will be no place for stress, high-voltage drama, tension, anxiety, depression, or mood swings in your life after reading this.