Is the Rhino revolver legal in California?

The Rhino Revolver is now offered in a Single Action Only version specifically legal for sale in California. (SAR – Single Action Rhino) The Rhino revolver design features a lower bore axis compared to other revolvers. This means the barrel is directly in line with the shooters hand, wrist and arm.

Is Chiappa Little Badger legal in California?


What is a California compliant revolver?

Any handgun legally offered for sale in California has to pass firing, safety and drop tests as stipulated by the California Department of Justice. All new candidate handguns must have a loaded chamber indicator and a magazine disconnect safety.

How does the Chiappa Rhino work?

On the Rhino, what appears to be an exposed hammer is nothing more than a cocking lever. Pulling it to the rear rotates the cylinder, and when it is released, the lever falls forward. Then, ease the cocking lever and the trigger forward together. This reverts the revolver to double-action operation.

Who sells Chiappa Firearms in Canada?

Canada’s Wild West
Chiappa Firearms Branded Firearms For Sale at Canada’s Wild West.

Is the Rhino 200ds a deep concealment gun?

In fairness, the Rhino 200DS snub nose is a little bigger and easier to hold onto than a J-frame. It’s not a deep concealment gun. It’s closer in size and application to the K-frame S&W Model 19 snub noses that were so popular for concealed carry among plainclothes police officers before 9 mm autoloaders took over the law enforcement market.

Is the Chiappa Rhino revolver a new gun?

The Chiappa Rhino revolver isn’t exactly new, but 10 years after its introduction a surprisingly large number of shooters are completely unaware of how revolutionary the design really is. I blame it on the gun’s unconventional appearance.

What kind of gun is a rhino gun?

That’s a little more nuanced, but more than anything else, it comes down to the simple fact the Rhino looks freaky weird to most people. It did to me too … at first.

How does a rhino revolver reduce muzzle flip?

Unlike conventional revolvers, the Rhino fires from the bottom chamber of the cylinder, significantly lowering the bore axis. The cylinder is also positioned much farther to the rear of the frame. These two characteristics work to reduce muzzle flip by diminishing the upward leveraging force of the recoil impulse.