Why did Dravid declare with Sachin on 194?

I asked him what the thinking was behind the declaration at that time… I was batting for the team as well. Yes, I had scored 194, but the 194 was meant to help the team and it was my individual contribution to the team’s cause. So to say that the decision was taken in the best interest of the team, wasn’t correct.”

When was Tendulkar in his prime?

Tendulkar’s performance through the years 1994–1999 coincided with his physical peak, in his early twenties. He opened the batting at Auckland against New Zealand in 1994, making 82 runs off 49 balls.

Where is Rahul Dravid today?

He is the Director of Cricket Operations at National Cricket Academy, Bengaluru, More… Rahul Dravid Reapplies for NCA Post.

Can a team declared in ODI?

The Laws of Cricket say that you can declare any innings, no matter what the agreed length is. ODIs and Twenty20 Internationals, however, are playing under the ICC Playing Conditions, which modify the Laws of Cricket.

How many overs are in a Test match?

Test cricket is played over five days, with each day’s play lasting six hours and at least 90 overs bowled per day.

What age did Dravid retire?

On This Day: Rahul Dravid Retires From ODIs, Played His Last Match Against England at Cardiff. The 47-year-old Dravid remains one of the most decorated cricketers and a legendary figure in the history of Indian cricket.

Has any team won after follow-on?

There have been only three occasions in Test cricket where a team that was forced to follow-on won the match. Incidentally, Australia lost all three matches.

Why was Multan closed chapter between Tendulkar and Dravid?

Tendulkar, who had expressed surprise over the declaration after the end of the day’s play, added that Multan was a closed chapter between him and Dravid, then stand-in captain. “There are so many disagreements we have in the dressing room, it just happens behind the closed doors and the whole world doesn’t get to see that.

Why did Dravid declare in Multan Test match?

Dravid just mechanically felt he would declare without at that moment realizing that Tendulkar was unbeaten on 194. Only later may he have realized “Oops” but he could not take back a declaration. Luckily Anger is something like Soda for Sachin and it quickly dissipated.

What was the score at Multan in 2004?

Into Day 2 of the first of the 3-match Test series against Pakistan in 2004, at Multan, stand-in captain Rahul Dravid opted to declare the Indian first innings with the scoreboard reading 675-5 in 161.5 overs; it left Sachin Tendulkar stranded at 194 not out, 6 runs short of a double century.

Why did Ganguly ask Tendulkar to take strike?

Ganguly laughed as he recalled an incident against Pakistan when he was struggling to score and had requested Tendulkar to take strike, something that he detested. “I remember I wasn’t scoring runs taking strike, so I walked up to him, ‘Sach, can you take strike?’