Who won 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix?

Felipe Massa
2008 Brazilian Grand Prix/Winners

Who won F1 2008?

Lewis Hamilton

Grand Prix Date Winner
Bahrain 06 Apr 2008 Felipe Massa MAS
Spain 27 Apr 2008 Kimi Räikkönen RAI
Turkey 11 May 2008 Felipe Massa MAS
Monaco 25 May 2008 Lewis Hamilton HAM

How many times has Michael Schumacher won F1?

Seven times a champion, Michael Schumacher also holds nearly every scoring record in the book by a considerable margin.

Where was the Brazilian Grand Prix held in 2008?

The 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix (formally the XXXVII Grande Prêmio do Brasil) was a Formula One motor race held on 2 November 2008 at the Autódromo José Carlos Pace, Interlagos, in São Paulo, Brazil. It was the 18th and final race of the 2008 Formula One season.

When did they start building Interlagos race track?

Following difficulties partly due to the 1929 stock market crash, it was decided to build a racing circuit instead, construction started in 1938 and the track was inaugurated in May 1940. The design was based on New York’s Roosevelt Field Raceway (1937 layout).

Why was Interlagos a safety concern in 1980?

The safety concerns were somewhat directed towards the track surface, which BBC commentator Murray Walker described as “appallingly bumpy”. Most of the ground-effect cars of 1980 were designed in such a way that bumpy surfaces were barely tolerable for the drivers.

When did the circuit at Interlagos get shortened?

In 1979 upgrading work was done and the pit lane was extended past the first left-hand turn (Curva 1), making the corner more narrow, and the pit lane ended right in the middle of Curva 1 and 2. The present design of the track dates back to 1990, when the original circuit was shortened from 7.87385 km to 4.325 km.