Who was the last sitting senator to be elected president?

Senators Who Became President

Name Years as Senator Years as President
Barack Obama (IL) 2005–2008 2009–2017
Richard M. Nixon (CA) 1950–1953 1969–1974
Lyndon B. Johnson (TX) 1949–1961 1963–1969
John F. Kennedy (MA) 1953–1960 1961–1963

Has anyone been senator after President?

Only one president, Andrew Johnson, served as a U.S. senator after his presidency.

What senators have become vice president?


State Vice President Notes
California Richard Nixon Resigned to become vice president
Kamala Harris Resigned to become vice president
Delaware Joe Biden Resigned to become vice president
Indiana Thomas A. Hendricks

Has a U.S. representative ever been elected president?

Both Henry Clay of Kentucky (1824) and James A. Garfield of Ohio (1880) received Electoral College votes for the presidency as sitting House Members. Garfield was the only successful sitting Representative to become President.

Who served in the House after being president?

Only John Quincy Adams of Massachusetts (1824) served as a Representative after completing his presidency. Both Henry Clay of Kentucky (1824) and James A. Garfield of Ohio (1880) received Electoral College votes for the presidency as sitting House Members.

Who was the oldest person to be inaugurated as VP?

Age of vice presidents The youngest person to assume office was John C. Breckinridge, at the age of 36 years, 47 days. Serving only one term, he became and remains the youngest at the time of leaving office; the oldest at the time of entering office was Alben W. Barkley, at the age of 71 years, 57 days.

How many years must one be a U.S. citizen to be a U.S. senator?

The Constitution sets three qualifications for service in the U.S. Senate: age (at least thirty years of age); U.S. citizenship (at least nine years); and residency in the state a senator represents at time of election.

Who was the oldest senator to become President of the United States?

Van Buren served as a United States Senator from New York from 1821 to 1828. William Henry Harrison was the ninth President of the United States. He was 68 years old when inaugurated, the oldest president to be elected until Ronald Reagan took office in 1981.

How many times have sitting senators run for President?

Sitting or former U.S. Senators from 31 states ran for president more than 60 times from 1972 to 2012 with only one winning the White House; more than a half-dozen are gearing up to run in 2016

Who was the fifth president to serve in the Senate?

Here’s a look at the presidents who once served in the senate, along with two senators who nearly won the presidency – but not quite. James Monroe was the fifth President of the United States (1817-1825) and the last founding father to be president. He served as a Senator from Virginia from 1790 to 1794.

Who was the only president to be elected while serving in the House?

As someone else said, James Garfield is the only one to go directly from the House to the White House. Harding, Kennedy, and Obama were elected president while serving as a Senator.