Who sing the song family reunion?

The O’Jays
Family Reunion/Artists

Who died in the O Jays?

Bill Isles
Bill Isles, an original member of the chart-topping R&B group the O’Jays, has died at his Southern California home. He was 78. Isles died of cancer last month at his home in Oceanside, just north of San Diego, his son, Duane Isles, told The San Diego Union-Tribune.

When did Eric Nolan Grant join the O Jays?

and Eric Nolan Grant, who joined the group in 1995, continue to thrill fans today. Throughout their career The O’Jays have achieved 10 Gold albums, 9 Platinum albums and 10 #1 hits.

What are the best songs for a family reunion?

Here are 20 new school songs that belong on your family reunion playlist. See Some Classic Family Photos! It’s about that time of year when families travel from near and far to come together in the name of family. From matching tees to mouth watering BBQ, there’s nothing like family reunion season.

What do you do at a family reunion?

From matching tees to mouth watering BBQ, there’s nothing like family reunion season. That’s right–it’s family reunion time, so grab that one auntie who spills all of the family tea and that cousin who stays asking for a dollar and head to the dance floor for a good time.

What to play at a black family reunion?

That’s why our Miami-based celebrity mixmaster, Deejay Self Born, put together this 20-song playlist for your Coolest Black Family Reunion. We even have a Spotify version so you can have your own auto-play deejay.

What happens when you have a high school reunion?

Sometimes it ends badly, usually it involves hilarity, and everyone’s usually drunk or high. In other words, it’s what high school is like for many kids, and in “Massive Nights,” the recollection could have been last week or 20 years ago, but it’s told with a twinkle and a smirk from Craig Finn.