Who makes the best commercial log splitter?

The Best Commercial Log Splitter Reviews of 2021

  • YARDMAX YU3566 35 Ton Full Beam Gas Commercial Log Splitter (Our Top Recommended)
  • NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Commercial Log Splitter.
  • RuggedMade 37 Ton Hydraulic Gas Powered Commercial Log Splitter.

Who makes lumberjack splitters?

WEN 56222 Lumberjack 22-Ton Gas-Powered Log Splitter, CARB Compliant — WEN Products.

What is the best electric log splitter?

List of Top 10 Best Electric Log Splitters in 2019 #10. WEN 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter, 56207 #9. AAVIX AGT306 Electric Log Splitter #8. Southland Outdoor Power Equipment 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter #7. Goplus New 1500W 6 Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter #6. Earthquake 13009 Electric Log Splitter #5. YARDMAX 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter, YS0552

What are the top benefits of using a log splitter?

A Log Splitter Will Save You Time. Splitting logs is quite a difficult task that requires a long time to complete.

  • Minimizes the Amount of Work You Have to Do. Splitting wood using an axe requires a lot of time and energy which is exhausting.
  • Getting More Done.
  • Saving Money on Heating Bills.
  • Environmentally Friendly Option.
  • Log Splitters Are Portable.
  • How do you use an electric log splitter?

    An electric firewood splitter or general wood splitter operates in much the same way a human being with an ax would. A hydraulic pumping system pushes a log into a blade or swings a blade at the log, depending upon the design of the splitter. Typically, all that you have to do to operate a wood splitter is to place logs on the machine for splitting.

    What is a wood splitter used for?

    A log splitter is a piece of machinery or equipment used for splitting firewood from softwood or hardwood logs that have been pre-cut into sections (rounds), usually by chainsaw or on a saw bench. Many log splitters consist of a hydraulic or electrical rod and piston assembly and these are often rated by the tons of force they can generate.