Who did Ben Roethlisberger replace quarterback for Steelers?

Charlie Batch
Roethlisberger was replaced by Charlie Batch, and the Steelers went on to lose 41–38 in overtime.

Who replaced Terry Bradshaw?

Joseph Wiley Gilliam, Jr.
Joe Gilliam. Joseph Wiley Gilliam, Jr. (December 29, 1950 – December 25, 2000) was a professional football player, a quarterback with the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League for four seasons. Primarily a backup, he started the first six games of the 1974 season.

Did Pittsburgh get rid of Ben Roethlisberger?

PITTSBURGH — Ben Roethlisberger isn’t done with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and with a statement Wednesday morning, the Steelers made it clear they’re not done with their franchise quarterback either.

Who is Steelers best quarterback?

Best Quarterbacks in Pittsburgh Steelers History

  • Ben Roethlisberger is one of the best Steelers quarterbacks of all time.
  • Big Ben is the Steelers’ all-time passing leader.
  • Terry Bradshaw is second in most Steelers passing categories, but his on-field leadership made him the greatest Steelers quarterback of all time.

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback in 1983?

The clincher came in the penultimate game of the regular season, against the New York Jets in what was the final NFL game to be played at Shea Stadium. But to Steelers fans, this was a game that always will be remembered as Terry Bradshaw’s final appearance at quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. 4.5 Week 4: vs. New England Patriots

Who was the coach of the Steelers in 1983?

1983 Pittsburgh Steelers season Owner Art Rooney Head coach Chuck Noll General manager Dick Haley Home field Three Rivers Stadium

When did Terry Bradshaw leave the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw extends his throwing arm and grimaces as he watches his second-quarter touchdown pass to Calvin Sweeney Saturday, Dec. 10, 1983, at Shea Stadium in New York. Bradshaw then left the game and Cliff Stoudt replaced him. (AP Photo)

When did the Pittsburgh Steelers win the Super Bowl?

Against a first-round opponent as formidable as the 1983 Raiders – who would go on to win the Super Bowl in a rout of the Washington Redskins – the Steelers would find themselves woefully short on weapons. Bradshaw’s situation had drawn the most attention, but the 1983 Steelers also were without John Stallworth for the bulk of the season.