Who are the Monday couple on Running Man?

The name Monday Couple refers to Running Man’s filming schedule- the show traditionally would film on Monday’s leaving Gary and Ji Hyo to say they were only a couple on this day. In real life Ji Hyo has a boyfriend (the CEO of C-JES nonetheless) however reality plays little importance in the world of Monday Couple.

What was episode 29 of Running Man About?

Episode 29 Ji Hyo and Joong Ki betrayed Yoo Jae Suk, and Gary was disappointed when Ji Hyo was not in his team. The actors fill out their profile, and Gary shows his desire to be Ji Hyo’s boyfriend; Joong Ki joked that Ji Hyo must be Gary’s wife.

Who are the couple on the Monday couple?

For those who are new to MC, the pairing is made up of Song Ji Hyo (actress) and Kang Gary (rapper, LeeSsang) and appear on the variety hit Running Man. They have garnered a hug fanbase with their cute interactions and humorous spats.

Who are the cast members of Running Man?

The variety show shows hilarious antics and great chemistry among the cast members, Yoo Jae-suk, Kim Seok-jin, Haha, Kim Jong-kook, Song Ji-hyo, Lee Kwang-soo, Jeon So-min, and Yang Se-chan. And it is also known for the infamous Monday Couple, the love line between actress Song Ji-hyo and rapper Gary of Leessang.

When did the Monday couple EP 12 come out?

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Why are Kang Gary and Song Ji hyo called Monday couple?

She’s also one half of the extremely popular Monday Couple, the other half being Kang Gary. They’re called the Monday Couple because (to the public’s knowledge) they have not dated in real life and are only a couple on Mondays.