Which Spektrum transmitters have forward programming?

Spektrum Forward Programing is now available as a free Spektrum AirWare 2.0 radio update for Spektrum G2, iX12, DX18G1 and DX6G3 radios. The AS3000 is tiny, with a footprint the size of a quarter and a unit-weight under 3-grams.

Does Spektrum DX9 have forward programming?

Forward Programming* This innovative software feature will equip you for a new generation of Spektrum components that can be programmed directly through the DX9.

How do I assign a switch to a DX6?

On the Spektrum DX6, toggle switches A and C are two-position and B and D are three-position switches. So all you need to do is assign the ‘Flap’ receiver channel (usually channel 6) to either the B or D toggle switch on the Spektrum DX6 transmitter to have your three-position ‘Flaps’.

How many channels is a spektrum DX6?

The Spektrum DX6 is a 6-channel computer system designed to be flown exclusively with parkflyer airplanes and micro/mini helicopters.

Is a Spektrum DX6?

The Spektrum™ DX6 has been designed from the ground up to deliver way more than you would ever expect from a 6-channel transmitter in its price range. With voice alerts, the DX6 will allow you to keep tabs on important functions without ever taking your eyes off what you’re flying. The DX6 will tell you.

What is the difference between Spektrum DX6 and dx6i?

They just aren’t the same animal. The DX6i is a good value for a great intro to computer transmitters. The DX6 is just way more capable. This review gives some basic analysis of the two transmitters to help you decide which is better for your needs.

What is the difference between safe and safe select?

SAFE+ simply means the same as SAFE, but with the addition of GPS functionality. In all cases, when SAFE is on, there’s a pitch command that is tied to the throttle position.

How do I assign a safe select switch?

1) Re-bind the Rx and Tx making sure that all control throws are at 100% for all switches. 2) Do the five times toggle to assign a switch to SAFE Select while keeping both transmitter sticks to the lower, inside corners. Check if surfaces move to confirm SAFE Select is successfully assigned.