Where in Africa is Bangui?

the Central African Republic
Bangui, city, capital of the Central African Republic, located on the west bank of the Ubangi River. It is connected by an extended 1,100-mile (1,800-km) river-and-rail transport system with Pointe-Noire on the west-central African coast and with Brazzaville (both in the Republic of the Congo).

Is Bangui safe to visit?

Bangui remains fragile with periodic instances of killings, looting and gunfire. Violent clashes may continue. There are also armed patrols in Bangui and you will encounter several roadblocks (official and unofficial) that are likely to be manned by armed personnel.

What continent is Bangui in?


What language do they speak in Central African Republic?

Central African Republic/Official languages

Central African Republic French and Sango are the official languages. Sango is a lingua franca spoken by nearly nine-tenths of the population.

How poor is central Africa?

The Central African Republic is one of the poorest countries in Africa with a per capita income of only 750 US dollars per year. The country is ranked 179th (out of 187) in the United Nations Human Development Index, which assesses health, education, standard of living, child welfare, and other factors.

Which is the capital city of Central Africa?

Central African Republic/Capitals

What country is Bangui from?

Bangui is the capital city of Central African Republic. It is the largest city in the country. The city has a population of 531,763 people. Most of the population of the Central African Republic lives in the western parts of the country, near Bangui. The city was founded in 1889 in what was then the French colony Haut-Oubangui (‘Upper Ubangi’).

What is the capital of Central Africa?

The Capital City of Central African Republic (officially named Central African Republic) is the city of Bangui. The population of Bangui in the year 2003 was 531,763.

What is the central Republic of Africa?

The Central African Republic is a landlocked nation within the interior of the African continent. It is bordered by Cameroon , Chad, Sudan , South Sudan , the Democratic Republic of the Congo , and the Republic of the Congo. The country lies between latitudes 2° and 11°N, and longitudes 14° and 28°E.