Where can I get Juzumaru Persona 3?

It’s just easier to climb Tartarus and get the Juzumaru from the weapon cards during Shuffle Time. They appear with the level 2 weapon cards I believe. The same goes for every weapon quest minus the last one, which is the only one that forces you to get it in a rare chest.

How do you get Oberon in Persona 3 FES?


  1. You either have to level it up past 17 or, you have to raise your Emperor Social Link by hanging with Hidetoshi of the Student Council on M, W, and F.
  2. Pixie + Zochoten = Oberon :D.
  3. Raise your Emperor social link to level 3 to get the requested level, and then simply to merge.

How do you fuse Thanatos Persona 3 FES The answer?

You can officially fuse Thanatos when you max out the DEATH SLink. Since he requires a fusion of the hexagon variety you need to have in person, all six personae that are required. Those are the following: Ghoul, Pale Rider, Loa, Samael, Mot, Alice.

How long does it take for the reaper to spawn Persona 3 FES?

The Reaper lurks in Tartarus, and will spawn when the party stays on one floor of Tartarus for too long; the time it takes for the Reaper to spawn is random depending on which floor the party is in though it seems to correlate with the floor’s size, ranging from 3 minutes on the smallest floors (such as the floors …

Where is the Wealth hand Persona 3?

Persona 3

  1. Wealth Hand randomly appears on all floors of the Thebel Block in Tartarus.
  2. At the point in time it is first encountered, Slash, Strike, or Pierce skills will allow for more damage than attacking it normally would.
  3. The Wealth Hand is also the subject of one of Elizabeth’s requests.

Is Oberon a good Persona?

Oberon is a great multi-purpose Persona early on. He’s one of the earliest that learns media, he’s got an all target Zio as well as the second tier Zio spell, and he even has a decent physical. Until you’ve got access to some Persona’s with Diarama/Mediarama he’s a great Persona to have.

How do you fuse Thanatos?


  1. You can only fuse Thanatos after maxing out the Death Social Link with the ‘Mysterious Little Boy’. (SPOILERS BELOW!!!!!!)
  2. You can get him only after 12/31 when you max out pharos’ social link and youll need the personas shown after unlocking the hexa-fusion which sould already be unlocked at this point.

How do you fuse Alice in Persona 3?

Alice appears as a Persona of the Death Arcana in Persona 3, she can be summoned once the protagonist reaches Lv. 56 or above. Furthermore, Alice’s fusion prerequisite requires the protagonist to perform a cross-spread fusion in the Velvet Room using Pixie, Lilim, Narcissus and Nata Taishi.

What level should I be to fight reaper persona 5 Royal?

level 60
Don’t attempt to challenge him until you and your party are at least level 60. If you enter the fight any lower, you’ll be swiftly defeated. The Reaper doesn’t have any weaknesses, so make sure you fight them with party members that have had their confidants maxed out.

Who is the reaper persona?

The Reaper in Persona 5 is a level 85 creature with 5000 hit points, a maxed out Strength stat, immunity to instant kill spells, can cast some of the most powerful spells in the game, and can annihilate all but the most overpowered party of Phantom Thieves in a single turn.

How do you stop wealth hand from escaping?

Using Electric skills followed by an All-Out Attack is the most efficient way to defeat it before it flees.