When was revealing the mysteries of heaven published?

January 1, 2017
Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven Hardcover – January 1, 2017. Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

What does David Jeremiah say about purgatory?

The concept of purgatory says you can go to a holding place after death where you have the possibility of changing your eternal destiny. That is not true—purgatory does not exist. Whatever decisions we make about eternity will be made here and now on earth.

Who is David Jeremiah’s wife?

Donna Jeremiahm. 1963
David Jeremiah/Wife

Is it in the Bible that dogs go to heaven?

Peter M. Kurowski said in his “Animals in Heaven, Pets in Paradise” Bible study: While the Bible doesn’t come straight out and say “yes,” it does imply through its discussion of the redemption of God’s creation that our pets will greet us in the new heaven and new earth.

What Bible does David Jeremiah?

The Jeremiah Study Bible
In 2013, Dr. Jeremiah published The Jeremiah Study Bible, a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand version that was over forty years in the making. Dr.

What does Dr.David Jeremiah say about Heaven?

Dr. David Jeremiah looks at the fourth chapter and its peek inside the throne room of heaven, rich in the details of all you have to look forward to. Covers Revelation 4:1-11 plus selected Scriptures.

Where can I study the Bible with David Jeremiah?

This go-anywhere, flexible, popular Bible study format helps individuals and groups study books of the Bible with Dr. David Jeremiah. Our collection of books serve as valuable resources that can be added to your library and used to enhance your walk with the Lord.

Why did dr.jeremiah write the Book of Revelation?

Dr. Jeremiah is a gifted writer who wrote this book so that it can be read by people with limited Bible knowledge but also has benefit for serious Bible students. It is clearly written and compelling. He believes in a literal millennium and that our current earth will be renovated as part of the New Heaven and Earth for eternity.

What does the Bible say about the mysteries of Heaven?

Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven will answer and clarify the most important questions Christians have about their future eternal home. If you have had questions about heaven—especially about how to get there—let Pastor David Jeremiah help you close the gap between what the Bible says about heaven and what you know.