When is the licensing of the Oldenburg stallions?

One of the highlights of the year is the annual licensing of young stallions that takes place in November at the Oldenburg Horse Center Vechta. During the licensing, the Oldenburg Stallion Gala is held on the third day – a presentation of all active breeding stallions in the Oldenburg breeding program.

When is the elite foal auction for Oldenburg horses?

Only Oldenburg horses blessed with the superb quality required for a successful future are admitted to these auctions. The annual Elite Foal Auction is always held in August. At this auction, a brilliant elite crop, strictly selected, with the best pedigrees, magnificent movement quality and true to type beauty in perfection is presented.

Is the 10th Oldenburg saddle up for sale?

As of now, the licensing candidates up for sale of the 10th Oldenburg Saddle Licensing present themselves with photos, videos and in portrait in the auction area of the Oldenburg homepage. The young stallions of the 10th Oldenburg Saddle Licensing inspire with movement talent and rideability. Get a direct overview of the outstanding quality.

How often do the Oldenburg auctions take place?

Every presentation of an auction horse is always something special with an inherent, unique charm of its own. The Oldenburg auctions are a classy venue for tomorrow’s sport horse stars and the people who discover them. The Oldenburg Elite Auctions take place twice a year – the beginning of April and the beginning of October.

Who are the foundation stallions in New Zealand?

The A-line chestnut stallion Allermund (Absatz / StPrSt Alcantara by Aumund) was next on the scene. He served from 1982 to 1985 before an accident terminated his career. Allermund did not produce many foals but his fillies have been sought to inject diversity into the New Zealand breeding population.

What kind of horse does New Zealand have?

The below describes the original Hanoverian stallions imported into NZ, as well as subsequent stallions now deceased or degregistered New Zealand resident Hanoverian Stallion, Imported. Licensed and Performance Tested in Germany. Born 1991, Black, 16.3hh Performance tested at Adelhiedsdorf, Andretti Holst. 2002 Holsteiner stallion.

What was the name of the black stallion in New Zealand?

The black D-line stallion Dynamit (Dynamo / Elfi by Eger II) served from 1990 until 1998 when he succumbed to a tragic paddock accident. Dynamit’s best-known progeny have been Dominik T, Doonabago and KH Deutz in dressage.