We all need a little validation, encouragement, or advice now and then and, despite our loved ones’ best efforts, it is difficult for them to relate if they don’t share the same interests or passion in particular areas. Whilst it is polite and generally a given that family members will at least show some kind of interest, it is unreasonable to expect them to share the same enthusiasm as you do, or to be able to help with any knowledge based upon experience. Amongst other benefits, that is why joining a community of like-minded people who share the same drive as you can be of great value;

Sounds great but, where to start?

As with most sources of information these days, the Internet and social media are superb places to start. If you haven’t done so already then, you can use the Internet to search for almost anything ranging from the best restaurants in Sutherland Shire or something like, is baby’s dishwasher safe? If you can’t find any existing groups relating to your interest then, you may be able to join a club or community and perhaps put forward the idea of setting up a focus group that can provide information and a community base for people with the same interest.

Needless to say, that, there are online communities, although, they aren’t quite as valuable in terms of how information is conveyed, learnt and, the ease of building relationships as those that offer meet up groups. The great thing about actually going to meet people in person is that you get the chance to attend classes, apply for various volunteer positions and organised activity days.

Granted, we are fortunate enough to live in an age of superb digital communication channels such as online meetings, but they just aren’t the same as meeting people in person. When you meet people in person you receive an entirely different experience and understand information better with the added benefit of face-to-face demonstrations, presentations and open forums.

What do you stand to gain?

Team spirit – As we all know, there is no ‘I’ in team so, when you join a community of people with similar goals and ambitions it can be a complete revelation. You go from being ‘you’ or, ‘I’ to ‘we’ or, ‘us’ making you part of a team of people whom are there to network and to share ideas as well as to learn.

Learning from others experiences – Everybody needs help, no matter who you are so, you will meet with some really interesting individuals from all walks of life. The great thing about a diverse group of people is that there will be beginners all the way through to professionals whom perhaps run large organizations.

With diversity comes a wealth of knowledge and varied experience, some of the best lessons in life come from the most unexpected of places. Imagine the feeling of accomplishment that you would feel, if you share an idea or point of view that somebody else implements into their daily life or into an organizations policies and procedures. You could very well be the reason for others success and vice versa.

Joint success – Because you will become part of a team you will also share the success and rewards of others. Even if it doesn’t happen immediately, you may find that you can learn from others mistakes which, if you are able to do so, could be priceless. Instead of enduring the same struggles as those before you, you could be really smart and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes yourself. There is nothing worse than struggling or making a mistake that could have easily been avoided by making the most of other’s experience regarding things that didn’t work for them.

Help and inspiration – Sometimes just a little bit of help or inspiration is all you may need, even if it just means, getting out of your own head space for an hour or so and mixing with other people that aren’t family members or colleagues. The greatest of ideas can be inspired by taking time away from what you usually do and putting the thinking brakes on for a while.

Relationships – Networking is a typical motive for people to join a community, the outcome can often mean, long term relationships either on a personal or a business level. Why not team up on mutually advantageous chances if you’re part of a group that’s focused on helping each other succeed? Everybody brings diverse skill sets to the table, which makes a community setting ideal for figuring out how to work together for long-term success.

Easier to succeed with a helping hand

Very few people have made a success of anything entirely by themselves and even fewer are born knowing everything. Any level of success that you may have achieved throughout your personal or professional life will have been the product of information or training of someone, or people that walked a similar path.