What is the standard size of a bin?

For reference, a 240L wheelie bin is typically measures 100cm high and 55cm square; a 120L version is again 100cm high but 40cm square. Traditional dustbins are typically around 100L.

What size is a 240L wheelie bin?

The typical dimensions of a 240 litre wheelie bin is 107cm Height x 58cm Width x 74cm Depth.

Is a 30 Litre bin big?

30-40 Litres: Good for small households that don’t produce too much waste. 40-50 Litres: Perfect for families of 2-4 people or people who don’t want to empty their bins too often. 50+ Litres: This is for bigger families who generally produce a lot of waste.

What size do wheelie bins come in?

Most domestic users will find wheelie bins between 60 litres and 240 litres suitable. Having said that the average council bin is 240 litres.

How tall is a garbage bin?

A 32-gallon garbage can come in a number of different sizes, but in general, most of them measure around 21.9 inches in diameter and 27.80 inches in height.

How much weight can a wheelie bin hold?

The typical amount of rubbish you can fit into one of our wheelie bins varies depending on the size of the bin; however, the typical large wheelie bin will hold between 12 and 15 black bin bags. This equals to a weight range of 45 to 90kg.

What size bin bag do I need UK?

Divide the perimeter of your bin by two. The resulting number is the ‘Open Width’ that you will require your bin liner to be. Again, not forgetting the height of you bin and to add 177mm onto the total to calculate the length required.

How big is an 1100 litre wheelie bin?

1100 Litre Wheelie Bin Consisting of four wheels, and capable of holding large volumes of waste, the 1100L Wheelie Bin is the perfect waste solution for environments such as residential blocks, restaurants, cafes, and commercial or industrial settings…

How big is a standard size Panda bin?

Bin Sizes. Size: 140 litre, two wheeled bin. Bag Capacity: 2-3 standard size refuse/recycling bags. Waste types: General waste, Mixed recycling, Organic waste & Glass. Size: 240 litre, two wheeled bin. Bag Capacity: 4-5 standard size refuse/recycling bags.

Which is the largest mobile plastic waste bin?

The 1100-litre wheelie bin from Simpro is the largest mobile plastic waste bin available, with four castor wheels, large grab handles and a robust HDPE body. It is designed for high-volume commercial waste and recycling.

Where do you find the number on a wheelie bin?

On our BritishBins manufactured wheelie bins you can find the information embossed at the top of the bin next to the front of the lid opening. Other bin manufacturers may have it embossed in different locations, usually around the rim or by the lid of the bin.