What is the grading system of K 12?

The K to 12 Basic Education Program uses a standards- and competency-based grading system. The minimum grade needed to pass a specific learning area is 60, which is transmuted to 75 in the report card. The lowest mark that can appear on the report card is 60 for Quarterly Grades and Final Grades.

How many grades are there in SHS?

Senior High School (SHS) covers the last two years of the K to 12 program and includes Grades 11 and 12. In SHS, students will go through a core curriculum and subjects under a track of their choice.

What is norm referenced grading system?

The norm-referenced system of grading determines students achievement of course goals in relation to other students in the course. An individual score is compared to that of a “normative” group. In a normal (bell-shaped) curve, the smallest groups occur on either end of the distribution and are awarded A’s and F’s.

What is the grade for honors?

Graduating With Honors Requirements: Graduation with honors cum laude requirements vary. Cum laude grade point average estimates: gpa for cum laude – 3.5 to 3.7; gpa for magna cum laude – 3.8 to 3.9; gpa for summa cum laude – 4.0+. Magna cum laude gpa and summa cum laude gpa can tie, broken by additional factors.

Do teachers students like the new grading system?

Yes, Teachers/students like the new grading system because teachers. can easily compute the grade through the three components of grading.

What is GWA in senior high school?

GWA (General Weighted Average) represents your overall academic performance for a semester or an academic year. It is based on the grades that you have obtained from your classes and the corresponding number of units of each class.

What grade is a 98%?

Grade Scale

Percentage Letter Grade
98-100 A+
90-92 A-
87-89 B+
83-86 B

Which is the best grading system for K-12?

THE K – 12 GRADING SYSTEM 1 With Highest Honors 98-100 2 With High Honors 95-97 3 With Honors

Where to find the K to 12 arts curriculum guide?

K to 12 Arts Curriculum Guide May 2016 Page 7of 102 Learning Materials are uploaded at http://lrmds.deped.gov.ph/.

How does the Grade 3 art curriculum work?

The learner has acquired the basic and fundamental processes through performing, creating, listening and observing, and responding, towards the Grade 3 development of appreciation of music and art, and the acquisition of basic knowledge and skills. Through the formal introduction of elements]

What are the modules in the K to 12 Curriculum Guide?

The modules guide educators and provide our students with art experiences, concepts, and processes that are presented in a SPIRAL PROGRESSION of difficulty and depth from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The approach is CHILD-CENTERED and HANDS-ON in creating art using locally available materials.