What is the difference between a letter and an essay?

There are several differences between essay and letter writing. Essay writing commonly requires a greater formal tone, while letter writing is more casual, while still following a prepared layout. A letter is to a particular person. A letter has salutation but an essay does not(sir/ma-for example).

Can an essay be a letter?

While an essay is generally an intellectual exercise, a letter speaks from the heart, and thus can be more informal than an essay. As a rule, a letter is not designed to prove something. Rather it is designed to engage and update the reader. Write an essay from your intellect; write a letter from your heart.

What is the difference between a good essay and a good letter?

There is a difference between a good letter and a good essay. A good letter is written in a simple and formal style. It reflects the personality of the writer. On the other hand a good essay is written in formal style.